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December 23, 2007

Surprisingly, I'm Very Busy...

I was posting daily for a while there, but haven't done so this week...between putting out two issues of the paper and trying to prepare for xmas, it's been pretty hectic. I'll be posting my holiday menu as soon as I've figured out what it's going to be, and should have some recipes for you after the holidays (maybe they'll be useful next year)!

In other news, I joined Facebook, and it's much more fun (read: addictive) than I'd expected. After all, I'm now part of groups like "New Englanders Against Fake Maple Syrup" and "The Great State of Vermont Will Not Apologize For It's Cheese." So if you're on Facebook, come say hi!

Hope you're all baking cookies and drinking eggnog!


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How was your bacon chocolate bar?


I was planning to consume it on my birthday as a special treat, but I ended up with the obligatory "I'm on vacation cold," so I decided to save it for when my palate is back to normal (hopefully this weekend). I wouldn't want to miss those delicious bacon-y flavors due to a stuffy nose! I'm definitely gonna blog about it once I eat it!

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