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January 25, 2008

Chocolate Troubles (and a poll!)

Since my recent confession that I'm not as passionately entranced with chocolate as others seem to be, I've realized that I'm being punished by the chocolate gods. How do I know that there are chocolate gods? Because the Latin name for chocolate is Theobroma cacao, and Theobroma translates as "food of the gods. Duh!

I guess these sadistic deities are mad because I talked smack about their sustenance of choice, so they're punishing me by making sure that lots of diet-crushing, chocolate-y goodness comes my way.

Yesterday, I discovered a confection called a "peanut butter lust bar" at a local health-food store. How could I resist an item named after two of my favorite things? I couldn't. And the bar just happened to be drenched in...chocolate. (More on this when I actually eat it).

Then, this morning, a co-worker showed up with a lovely box of treats from Laughing Moon Chocolates of Stowe. I had a small piece of peppermint bark and a chocolate-covered caramel sprinkled with salt. Mmm. And that was before breakfast. Who knows what might appear this afternoon? Or how long this torture will last?

To appease my tormentors, I will say that I really enjoy chocolate. It's a delightful substance, and those who make truffles, bark and bars are lovely people. All I meant was that given a choice between chocolate and salty, fatty pork products, I'd take the pork. Perhaps I'm in the minority?


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Cat Woodward

You said that given the choice, you'd take the pork, then asked which one we'd give up. I clicked chocolate on the basis of what you'd just said, but changed my answer when I read it more thoroughly - chocolate forever!

Cathy Resmer

How could anyone give up chocolate before pork? I just don't get it.

But hey, more chocolate for me.

James Sergeant

Well if you are in the minority then so am I, I have a savory tooth and pork is natures perfect super food.


Cat -- Sorry for the confusion! Glad you figured it out and corrected your vote, even if you are a member of the dark (chocolate) side.

Cathy -- I'd take a slab of salty sausage or a smoky ham steak over a truffle any day. If you ever come to work with unwanted pork products and I happen to have chocolate, we can swap!

Phew, James, I'm glad to have someone in my camp! We lovers of bacon-y goodness are being vanquished by the sweet-toothed masses!


And the torture a friend's B-day party on Monday, guess what was for dessert? Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting AND chocolate mousse.


I could never - ever give up chocolate... that would be like giving up romance...


Ain't nobody touching my chocolate. No sir.

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