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February 12, 2008

Another newspaper wants my article!

Slbakery_005Yesterday afternoon I received an email from Gretchen Giles, editor of an Alternative Weekly called "The North Bay Bohemian" in California. The reason for the missive was that she wanted to buy one of my articles -- "Good to the Last Byte, which is about a phenomenon I call "virtual cooking" -- and reprint it in her paper!

How cool is that? It's the first time this has happened to me, so I'm pretty excited!


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congratulations! this is very cool!

Cathy Resmer

Don't be so surprised. You do good work.

The blog doesn't seem to be picking up Suzzanne. Perhaps you could stop reviewing burrito places. Do you think for a minute the food critics over at the NY Times are wasting their time writting their opinions on a fish taco?


Hey Anonymous -- thanks for your concern! Actually, the traffic on the blog has almost doubled since I started posting more regularly. Would be nice to have lots more comments, though.

I regularly read the NYTimes food section (and their Diner's Journal Blog), and one of the things that's so great about their coverage is that it's totally non-snobby. They write about everything from cheap noodle bars to places with multiple Michelin stars.

In fact, Frank Bruni even gallivanted across the country sampling fast food and wrote a feature about it. In the article, he mentions that burgers and burritos are "as worthy of assessment as veal sweetbreads and duck liver paté."

More recently, the Times asked Padma Lakshmi where she would eat if she had an all-expenses-paid ticket anywhere in the world. She mentioned a particular fish-taco stand in Mexico. She must know something...after all, she used to be married to Salman Rushdie.

I'd be interested in hearing which local places you think merit a write-up. In any case, I promise that when Thomas Keller and Jean-Georges see the light and open up Vermont locations, I'll be first in line to write about 'em. But I'll also continue to cover the creative burrito places, tiny ethnic restaurants with inexpensive, flavorful food, and whatever other eateries happen to crop up in the vicinity! I'm pretty sure the folks at the Times would approve.

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