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May 15, 2008

Eating Around the Globe

The other day, a reader sent me a link to a blog called "DeadGod." When I followed the link, I found a series of pictures depicting what families from around the globe eat in an average week, called "A week of food around the world). Each photo shows a family with a week's worth of food arrayed around them. It also shows the cost of that food in their native currency as well as in American dollars.

A few interesting points: 1) The number of processed American products that show up all around the world. In the picture from Kuwait, for example, one can see Ritz Crackers, Pringles, Heinz Ketchup and Kellogg's Cornflakes 2) The lack of fresh vegetables in the first American family's diet (the only one I can see is broccoli). Hello colon cancer. 3) That the family of 6 from Chad lives on the equivalent of $1.23 cents of food a week. 4) The listing of the family's fav foods under each picture.

After examining each photo carefully, I decided I would most like to swap food with the family from Cairo. My second choice would be the Turkish family.

Maybe I should try to figure out what my little family of 2 eats in a week and take a picture. It would be an interesting exercise.


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