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September 22, 2008

Eatin' Down Under: Episode 1

No, I'm not in Australia noshing on Vegemite sandwiches; but my mother, Mary Elizabeth, is. Mom went to the land of the kangaroo late last month to catch the premier performance of her opera, Kiravanu. It's an environmentally focused childrens' opera co-created with composer James Humberstone: He wrote the music, she wrote the words.

I asked her to prepare some guest blogs about Aussie food. Here's one of 'em...

The Proper Way to Eat Vegemite

P1000624 Some would argue that Vegemite should never be eaten under any circumstances.
[ed. note: Suzanne is one of them, blech]

For those less adamant, here is some instruction from the Year Six girls and the co-Director of my opera, Kiravanu:

1) Make toast, and ensure that it is piping hot.
2) Spread it with butter, making sure that the butter melts fully.

At this point, the conventional wisdom divides. Some hold that one should spread the hot, buttered toast thinly with Vegemite and cut it into soldiers (thin strips), while others keep their toast in one piece and dot it with small dabs of Vegemite.

I took the second route, as you can see by the accompanying photo. It was certainly edible, if not something that will awaken me with cravings . . .

- Mary Elizabeth


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Ed G. Mann

My only association with Maeve was with my good friend Edmund a few millennia back. A short dalliance to be sure.

Charlie and Ernie provide a bit of unusual sport letting on about their exploration of the tent of delight behind the now defunct 135 Pearl. Ask them about that.

As a former chef, I have no problem creating delightful plates, but my gustatory habits are shall we say conventional.

I enjoyed the chat.

Big Al

Having lived in Australia for the better part of four years, I can also confirm that Vegemite is one of the most disgusting substances known to man. The only time I have ever eaten it is when I was physically forced to do so. Even then, I assure you, I did so literally kicking and screaming and gagging. I immediately took measures to ensure it never reached the point of digestion. However, you can seal your driveway with it quite well. Do it on a hot day.

Another Australian specialty I can't stand is lamb. I'd rather hack off a limb with a rusty saw than eat lamb ever again.

Suzanne Podhaizer

Big Al -- I'm with you on the Vegemite, but not the lamb. Although I adore big, fatty T-bone steaks and roasted chicken; I'm wild for gamier meats, such as lamb and duck. I also like stinky cheeses.

Did you ever eat kangaroo?

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