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August 17, 2007



Hey Rusty. I watched you when you played and then coached the Yuma Scopions, wished you would have stayed. You were so much fun to watch and to talk to, you made my little brothers have so much fun at those games. They were bat boys and had the time of their lives. Thank you for that. I hope all is well for you and that you are happy. P.S I had a HUGE crush on you while you were here!!!!

Craig Zirkle

Hey Rusty. Long time, buddy. Nancy and I were just wondering how you've been, so I ggogled you and came on this site. From what I've read, you've been through it. Very sorry to read about it. I hope you're still in baseball, in some capacity. You have a lot to offer to some of these young pitchers. I was playing catch with a friend of mine, just yesterday, with the glove you gave me about 50 years ago. Stay well, old friend. I'll always treasure the sides and the long toss we used to do together. Great memories.


base & wish you luck. Wish you were here with those Augusta Geenjackets (owned by Cal Ripken). Love to hear how things are going. Russ

michael thomas

to rusty
i finally got around to googling your name
i want to know about you and john , and june and joan for that matter
i'm the greatest trimmer in the world because of you know who
he was my best friend
i'll never be over it
i spoke with you guys about 12 years ago
and never got to tell you lots of cool things
with love
uncle mike
[email protected]

Ralph Dakin

Hey Rusty, I am an old high school buddy. I heard you were doing some coaching in florida. I got a cell # but it must be old. I would love to talk with you about my 12yr old son and his mechanics. please respond if possible.
Ralph D Class of 86


Words can’t begin to describe Rusty, I've known him for a little over 2 years now. He is a great person inside and out. He always puts a smile on everyone’s face and puts other first. As other people have mentioned, the Lake Monsters will not be the same without him. He is a wonderful person, I can’t even think of one NEGATIVE thing to say about him. He’s one of the best coaches that I have seen come through Vermont and I have been a LM/Expos fan for 7 years now. He treats everyone with respect and is very friendly on and off the field.

We will all miss you this summer Rusty!!

Not Mike Lumley

Shut up Lumley!

Harvey Stein

Rusty lived with us here in London Ontario when he played AA ball for the London
Tigers. We still keep in touch and have remained true
friends since 1990. He is a true gentleman and a class act. Harvey Stein


Thanks for the good things you people said out there. All I did was play a game that I was Blessed buy the lord to do. I made sure I respected people and always remembered where I came from. People can say what they want about me but I know I have a huge heart and always put myself last to put a smile on other peoples face. Thanks for all the support out there by my true friends and fans.

Rob F.

Rusty has been a GREAT friend of mine since 2005. When I was down, going through a NASTY divorce, he was there to pick up my spirits time + time again. Whoever Fred H. is, he really does not know the kind-hearted, giving Rusty that I do. Rusty and I drove to Houston this past December together for him to visit his sons Russell + Reece. We spent 4 days there together and he proved that he LOVES those boys. Why they cannot play Little League there is mind-boggling. It hurts Rusty much. It hurts the boys too. Fred H. --- what is YOUR agenda to sully a good man's reputation ? There are givers and takers in his world. RUSTY IS A GIVER ! I'm proud to call him a friend.


I've known Rusty for two years now and Don is right, the Lake Monsters will not be the same without the pitchers under Rusty's wing. I've been a LM/Expos fan for 10+ years now and have never, ever seen a pitching coach take the kids under their wing like Rusty has.

Above that, Rusty is a great person off the field. Always friendly to everyone and anyone. Takes the time out to connect with everyone at the games.

We'll miss you this summer Rusty!!

b hultman

rusty, i just stumbled across this website and was happy to read the nice things people said about you. all except fred h. who needs to crawl back under the rock he came out from. he obviously doesn't know the real you. i have known 50+ big leaguers including jeff montgomery, george brett, mike sweeney, wally joyner,tony pena, etc. and there is not a better man than rusty. i was with him one night after a game. i wanted to get going after the game but rusty insisted on talking and signing autographs until the last fan was taken care of. he was in the bigs at that time. very rare for a major leaguer. i have also been with him when he has taken younger players who were called up under his wing on their first callup to the majors. rusty has always given his best to baseball and the fans whether he was in the minors or majors. rusty is not perfect but then neither is anyone else on this earth. i am proud to call him my friend. talk to you soon, love you man.

Donald McDermott

Rusty, How are you doing? The guys up here in Vermont will miss you this year. The Lake Monster's games won't be the same. You are truly a good guy and a throw back of the ball players of old. Don't listen to any crap people say about you. It's all garbage. Give me a buzz, the cell phone # is still the same.
Your KC Royals friend,
Don McDermott

Vivian H.

Well, it seems like Fred H. doesn't have his facts straight. Rusty did not abandon his family. He was in fact asked to leave. And to set you straight, he offered her the home, which of course was paid for by Rusty's money and child support. When he left there was not a dime owed on that home. He also has sent child support from the get-go, even thogh it had not been court ordered yet.I personally have seen proof of this and proof that he sent money for her to put the oldest child in baseball, which has never been done. There is nothing he would not do for his children.To get back to your unfounded accusations, he also offered to pay her child support along with the home. She is the one who did not accept. She wants more and this just does not seem fair when she is the one making the big money now. I find it hard to believe that you of all people would make these accusations when for several years you lived off of Rusty. Oh, I guess it boils down to the fact that you wont be able to ride on Rusty's coat-tail any longer. And yes, Rusty is a true major leaguer. And any one who knows Rusty, knows that at least he made his money honest. He worked hard at it and he never stole from any one or beat anyone out of their money or did anything illegal to earn it. He came about it the hard way, with honesty and hard work. That is more than I can say for some people in this world.
To all you coaches and scouts out there, you might want to check this guy out. He is one of the hardest workers I have ever seen and he's great at what he does.

Fred H

Hey Rusty how's the family? Oh, I forgot.... You cheated on the wife then abandoned her & your kids. Are you still contesting the divorce & not supporting your kids. You are a true major league @-*%#!


Hi, Rusty this is Gabby, i don't know if you remember me, i knew you when you played with the baseball team " Los Naranjeros" (the oranges) in Hermosillo, Mexico, it was the best team in that time. I just wanted you to say Hi!, im glad that all is going well for you. Take care. Gaby

Robert Lasher

Rusty, Hey, decided to "Google" you up for the heck of it. Did not realize you played in the pros for 10 years. Hope all is going well for you. Robert Lasher. Martin County High School. Class of 87.

Vivian Helms

Hey Rusty. Just thought I would drop you a line. Hope things are going well for you. Would love to hear from you. If you are ever our way, stop in. It's been a long time since we all got together. Talk to you later, Vivian

Russ Leffler

Rusty. Whats going on? This is Russ Leffler. I heard you were coaching in Vermont & thought I would touch base. A buddy of mine, who is now a Reds scout for the Southeast told me you were coaching. Just wanted to touch base & wish you luck. Wish you were here with those Augusta Geenjackets (owned by Cal Ripken). Love to hear how things are going. Russ L.

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