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February 09, 2008

19 and Blow

If there’s one thing that can ease the sting of Super Bowl XLII and the end of the NFL season it’s 2 feet of fresh powder. It’s been a rough week in Patriot Nation. With the immortal perfect season one play away several times on Sunday evening, my soul has taken a beating this week dreaming about what should have been.

It’s possible no team will ever come into the Super Bowl 18-0 again, and the Patriots blew it.

The new snow has been a cool salve for my wounded spirit. It’s always a sublime transition, from football season into the heart of ski season. With Sundays now open for riding, the rest of the winter unfolds like a red carpet and the focus shifts fully to outdoor pursuits. So long 2007 Patriots - the only team in NFL history with the balls to climb to the mountaintop and stare 19-0 in the face. Unfortunately they blinked.

Now it’s time to truly make some turns. I trust everyone will be out there lapping it up this weekend with our unexpectedly genuine return to winter. Let the competitors at Stowe’s Powder Eight contest on Thursday show you the way.

Have a deep weekend.

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I liked our chances.

Posted by: Jeff | Feb 12, 2008 4:37:04 PM

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