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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Gogol Bordello news...

Just heard from Gogol Bordello's publicist that I'm to interview Eugene Hutz next week for an article to be published Wednesday, July 20.

They're playing Higher Ground on August 3.

Let's see... Rock star, punk antagonist, gypsy hedonist, fashion model, movie star, ex-Burlingtonite -- we should have plenty to talk about.

Still, I'm curious about what you folks would ask him. Feel free to post questions for the mustachioed one right here. If it's good, I might just use it. Don't worry, I'll buy you a beer.

There is an article about Hutz and Bordello in the July 2 New York Times, as well as a terrific interview in the latest Punk Planet Magazine. Neither of them will be as hot as mine though. I mean, who else can get him to reminisce about early '90s Burlington?


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Hi Casey,

How are you? Well, I trust. You've got a really cute pussy there.

Question for Ah, eh, Eugene: Is his English any better than when he was here in BTV? Has he gotten his teeth fixed?

That's about all I can muster. Been a long day and a long shoot that I've been working on.



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