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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

How to waste more time at work!

Here's one for all of you music-obsessed drones out there who happen to be chained to a computer all day.

Kiss productivity goodbye: Band to Band.

It's basically an engine that finds the links between musical groups. My advice is to work from their incredibly long list of bands and artists and try to pick the most outrageous combos you can think of.

You will be amazed at what it comes up with. For example, I connected Asia to The Cancer Conspiracy. Ha!


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I never got the finished Svartsirkel cd. I shall link it to Johnny Azer.


I don't know if we ever finished that CD!

Black metal Chris probably has the last known copies.

I wiped my disc clean of that evil stuff. It's strictly AOR and bunny rabbits for me these days.

Here's a new quote: "Everything is coming up Azers."

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