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Monday, July 18, 2005

Last chance Hutz.

OK, I talk to Eugene tomorrow.

Last chance to get your questions to the man-myth.


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Ok So I didnt pay attention and came upon The bob dylan contest too late...too bad I wont sing dylan huh? They Should have had a Janis Joplin contest...would have suited me better. On another note...Have you seen that new show Rockstar:INXS? Quite amusing.


God, I don't want to have to judge a Joplin contest. Can you imagine the screechy hippie mamas that would bring out?

Haven't seen the INXS show yet. I don't really get any TV stations. At Brooke's house, we get, like, 3. I have seen that "Hit Me Baby One More Time" show, though. Depressing. But funny.

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