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Friday, July 15, 2005

Last nite.

Cush show ruled. Great to see everybody. Proof that we do have a local rock scene, after all.

Didn't make it through Charles, Dead or Alive? though -- caught a bad case of Tom Collins mixed with Mother Lager and needed to hit the pillow.

Now it's off to Montpelier for my wild weekend in the capitol city. Even though my sked consists of hip-hop and that Dylan contest, I hope to catch some Cush on Langdon Street.

See the kitty in the pic? Loki is his name. Man, it sucks to have to leave him for 2 days. Thanks to Rose for taking care of the little nip.

Ooh, the hotel has a pool. and C-Span. And air conditioning. Maybe I'll just stay in!


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Saw The Cush at Langdon St. Cafe last night. A rather impressive performance. Aaron Hornblas' guitar playing would seem to be the gift that keeps on giving. A subtle monsoon if you will.

Halogen Records

We support the local Montpelier music scene.... I am personally glad that the Cush show rocked and that Dylan lives.... but . . .

What a show at Positive Pie 2. It was packed with Hip-Hop fans, currious music go'ers, and folks who just like to see Hip-Hop in Montpelier. As a representative of Halogen Records I would personally like to thank Carlo, Michael, the P2 staff, WORK 107.1, Seven days (Casey), Halogen Records staff, the Montpelier Police Departmemt, Mad Tech sound, 1lb Productions, and last but definately not least, Inspectah Deck, Dezert Eez, and the Neighborhood (filling in for 3 Da' Hard Way).

There was so much love in the air. Deck even did a rap circle at the end of his set letting some of the local MC's show off their stuff... Dakota, you rock.

Thank you again to everyone....
ps. There is an early rumor that Halogen and 1lb Productions will be teaming up again at PP2 this fall... anyone for Dead Prez?

Steve Hadeka

Hey Casey! Great blog man! You're in my "Bookmarks Bar" right between Rope-a-Dope and Ebay, a coveted spot, no doubt! Keep it coming... Steve

(P.S. - Computer geek comment: you should make your links open in a new window, so we don't lose your blog when checking them out.)


I ain't no designer — not like Steve!

Actually, y'all should check out his website. It's rather swank....

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