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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Ryan's Power.

Last night I attended Ryan Power's low-key, incredibly moving CD release party at Brett Hughes' Winooski pad.

What a great night. First of all, Brett's place is a wonderful spot for an intimate show. All red lights, red walls, and general opium den ambience. Spacious, classy and cool. Best part? Nobody was talking over the music — we were all too into it.

Ryan is a fucking genius, plain and simple. He played an electric set that pretty much ruled, then melted my mind (and soul) with an acoustic performance featuring Tyler Bowles on bass. So much goddamn talent on display.

Burlington is incredibly lucky to have him.

I would've taken some pictures to post here, but I was so mesmerized by the sounds that I completely forgot!

Buy his new CD, OK? I'm telling you, it's beautiful.


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Ryan is unbelievably talented. I can't believe that I'm friends with him when I see him play. He has the smoothest rythm section in town as well. Butter


holla. ryan's set was inspirational and listening to the cd now - he sets a new standard for Burlington.


That was an awesome show. Ryan is my hero, and his cd is beautiful. And Casey, there's no W in Bolles! Unless Tyler's trying to pull some sort of rockstar move or something...

Bill Simmon

Okay, okay, I get it! I'll listen to some freaking Ryan Power. Jeez, don't break my arm!

Seriously, thanks for the recommendation.


does anyone have a link to any ryan power music clips. i'm not advocating stealing, but it would be nice to get a listen online before checking out a show or buying the album.


I have the disc, and I'll be talking to him this week. I'll ask him if I can put up a couple of samples from the new album. Look for my review in the Wed. July 20 issue, If you need anymore convincing!


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