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Friday, September 30, 2005

Join the party.

Been awhile since I've posted...  Listening to the new Broken Social Scene record, stolen from the internets. No, I will NOT post the link here, so don't bother askin.'

Guess what? It's awesome! Hee-hee.

Thanks, B.

LosersOkay, audience participation time: What's the absolute WORST show you've ever seen? Think hard and post your replies. Fun for all.

Here's mine:

It was way back in '91. The concert? The band "Live" at whatever college (Bates, I think) in Lewiston, Maine.

Notice how I didn't link to the group? It's 'cause they don't deserve it.

These jokers were opening for the Mighty Mighty Bosstones — who were plenty of fun at the time, particularly for 17-year olds experimenting with alcohol.

Goddamn, Live SUCKED!  This was the Mental Jewelry era, I believe. Before Seattle reset the cultural calibrator, they were supposed to be the "saviors of rock" or some such. Then again, so were Faith No More, whose album, Angel Dust, is one of the most underrated records of the '90s.

Anyway, I've never seen such a pretentious, pathetic band in my life. And they wore baseball caps! Front-man Ed Kowflgljfghlajfnjknski was the whiniest little singer-songwriter I've witnessed outside local dorm rooms. Gag, gag gag! Here's some of his "deep" prose:

Pain lies on the riverside
And pain will never say goodbye (oh no)
Pain lies on the riverside
So put your feet in the water
Put your head in the water
Come on, put your soul in the water
Join me for a swim tonight
For a swim tonight (oh my love)

Wow. Almost as bad as these:

It's easier not to be wise
And measure these things by your brains
I sank into Eden with you
Alone in the church by and by

What the flying fuck? I honestly wanted to do physical harm to this individual.

I would unceremoniously end a friendship if anyone in my social group owned a Live record. Or a Jimmy Buffet record, but that's a whole 'nother bag of worms.

To be fair, the whole night just plain sucked. During the Bosstones show, my friend Murph got stomped by some skinheads.

My best pal Jason and I jumped in and ended up putting 'em down pretty hard. I think I broke some Nazi's ribs. We had to jet early, as not to get arrested.

I remember seeing an ambulance pulling up as we drove off.

Man, we was crazy back then.

Although I consider myself a pacifist, when racist bastards are whacking your buddy, you do what you gotta do.

Now share your musical horror stories, people!

Friday, September 23, 2005

Friday night thoughts.

Well, I need to catch some of this Dirty Blondes show over at 135 Pearl, but my kitten Brando got neutered today, and he still needs a little supervision. He's mostly sleeping, but I feel like I should be around just in case he tries to jump off the bed or something, which might be a little rough on him at this point.

Plus VH1 Classics is playing the Thompson Twins. Ooh, Ooh, now it's a full Iggy Pop concert from '91!


I wrote a little Sound Bite for next week's paper about Daryl Rabidoux and Mike Poorman's new Burlington recording studio, Strangeways. I'm pretty psyched for them.

I was also wondering why I hadn't seen any new columns, pop notes or articles from Sasha Frere Jones in the New Yorker lately. I know my employers sometimes read my blog -- Hi, Pamela! -- but for a fleeting moment, I imagined that he'd abandoned his post, leaving the New Yorker gig wide open for some country mouse to scurry in and become the new voice for impassioned elitists everywhere.

Well, y'all can breathe a sigh of relief -- he's on vacation in Scandinavia.

You know what I like most about Sasha? Most people assume he's a girl too.

We should form a club. Music critics with androgynous names. Or at least a support group.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Yay Cooley!

Jason_x_12_portrait_by_kochalka_thumbpriIt's already all over the local internets, but I still think it's fantastic. Our boy Jason Cooley, a.k.a Schoolbus is interviewed on a James Kochalka fan blog.

Cooley gives one of the most informative chats about Burlington history ever. Or at least a period in Burlington history.  It was definitely my favorite.

By the way, going to the Peking Duck House to be waited on by JKS and Schooly was always more fun than Denny's.

I usually tipped well, but Jason probably doesn't remember because he thought I was some sort of demonic rockstar and I think he hated me.

Anyway, do yourselves a favor and read the whole thing.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Go to This!

Here's a cool hurricane relief benefit you might want to check out:

It takes place this Friday at 7:30 at the JDK art gallery on Maple Street.  While the main thrust of the event is an art auction, live music will be provided by Burlington's own psych-pop heroes The Cush. Word on the street is that the band will be playing with their full light show, which includes a very trippy backdrop.

The artwork is courtesy local and national talent including Evan Hecox, Geoff McFetridge, Mark Andrew, and Trevor Graves.

JDK will match a portion of the total amount raised, and are making all artwork featured in the auction available for online biding at starting today. Visit to get cracking.

You can bid via e-mail until 4:30 p.m., September 23.

100% of proceeds go to benefit Habitat for Humanity, so do the good thing and stop by.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

New Musicks.

Sunn_1Just last night I was complaining to Michael at Pure Pop that I haven't been blown away by an album in quite a while. Even old standbys that I'd normally flip for have been less than overwhelming. The new Super Furry Animals is kinda nice, but I'm not completely sucked in yet. Likewise the latest Animal Collective disc, which I'm happy to have received an advance of.

I know, the world's tiniest violin is somewhere playing a tragic sonata for yours truly.

Well, I'm pretty psyched that today has brought a bounty of good sounds.

My old pal Leda was right on about the Dengue Fever album — it RULES. Are any of you familiar with them? They're a San Francisco-based band that plays wild Cambodian rock. Well,that's what they were, anyway. They've fully come into their own with this release, and mere words cannot do it justice. Beautiful, and utterly recommended.

I also received the new Ennio Morricone comp on Ipecac today. It's a double album and the second disc is incredible. You can definitely see where John Zorn and Mike Patton got their sonic schtick from. It's a fine overview of the crazy-brilliant Italian Master's work.

Finally, there's 1969's Magick Brother by Gong. It's their first album, and it helped birth that pastoral offspring of progressive rock known as acid-folk or freak-folk. A must have for you shaggy Devendra-heads looking for the real trip. I picked it up after re-falling for their masterpiece Angel's Egg.

I also managed to get my hands on the latest Khanate record (they blew me away last nite at Higher Ground, btw) but my good friend Chris Miller made off with it. Sure, I asked him to put in his pocket for me, but the bastard never gave it back!

Chris if you're reading this, I'm on to you.

Wow. Just as I finished that last sentence, a package from Southern Lord arrived, with the new Sunn O))) album!!!!

Damn, kids — when you're hot, you're hot!

Monday, September 19, 2005


I spent a good deal of the weekend (the part not involved in mixing a record) considering that beautiful bastard of musical genres, metal.


Brooke & I have cable TV now, which to me means really only one thing: VH1 Classics! Viewers of this fine station are probably aware of the show Metal Maniacs, which broadcasts antique videos from yesterday's hair 'n' hammers set.

I saw Krokus, Saxon, and even Enuff Z' Nuff videos, for crying out loud. Apparently all three bands are back together, believe it or not. Anyone wanna go to a Krokus show with me?

In addition to the old-school attack, I checked in with some of the latest crop (crap) of sonic savages via Fuse, sometimes referred to as "the Canadian MTV."

Then it was over to MTV2, for their resurrected Headbanger's Ball program.

I saw a bunch of wussy screamo/emo  stuff, only "metal" due to a few halftime breakdowns and harmonized Iron Maiden-style guitar figures. Every Time I Die, I'm looking at you, you skinny-tie wearing, mascara muddled chumps. Since when did this once proudly outsider music become a haven for whiny rich kids with nice haircuts? I did enjoy Between the Buried and Me, though. Their music was an interesting mix of knuckle dragging hardcore, nerdy prog and math-metal. Trying to follow the drummer was next to impossible, and I like that.

I saw the tail end of an Opeth video, as well. They're one of my favorite metal bands, if you can even call them that. They may be Scandinavian, but they're all over the musical map. Let it be said: From Ingmar Bergman to Meshuggah, I love Swedes.

And, tonight I'm going to witness the magickal doom metal of Khanate at Higher Ground.

It seems like every time I spotlight or feature an artist in Seven Days, The New York Times runs something along the same lines within a month or so. Not that anyone notices around here. This town is still discovering hip-hop! I've come to the conclusion, after nearly 15 years here, that Burlington is an oddly livable yet remarkably out-of-touch little burg.

Anyway, see you in the inferno.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Not EVERYTHING is Illuminated.

Interesting to see a piece on Eugene Hutz/Gogol Bordello in a recent edition of the Burlington Free Press.

It might just be the best work by Entertainment Writer Brent Hallenbeck I've ever read. A little late, though. ;)

Oh, and The Onion gave the film Everything is Illuminated -- in which Eugene stars opposite everyone's favorite hobbit -- a fairly poor review.

The Mad Ukranian is the only one involved in the production that is spared direct criticism. I never really trust their music reviews, but their film notices are quite reliable.

Anyway, I should just re-name this goddamn blog the Hutz Report or something.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Party Favored.

Man, the Seven Days 10th Birthday Bash was fun. I'm not gonna do a play-by-play here, 'cause you'll be able to read about it in this week's Sound Bites. I will say this though — if you didn't catch Leslie & the Ly's impromptu live performance you don't know what you missed. Holy shit, she was awesome.

But you can always watch her videos for Gem Sweater and Beat Dazzler. Doesn't compare to her show, but still damn good.

So, now that I'm almost finished with this hang over, I can get back to business.

My piece on WRUV's Exposure runs this week, and I'm putting together an article on local bands who use My Space for the following issue.

So if you're reading this, are in a band and rock My Space, lemme know.

Of course I'll probably just contact all of you through my own page.

And check out that dork The Contrarian while you're at it.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Me 'n Melora.


Today I'm supposed to talk to Melora Creager, the gorgeous cello playing goddess from cult faves Rasputina. This woman has a love of history that's  rivaled only by her passion for Victorian undergarments. Chatting with her should be a treat.

The piece doesn't run 'til Oct. 26, though. So don't get too excited.

That same issue should feature a nice article on Dresden Dolls, another band with unconventional fashion sensibilities.

Call it our Fall Brechtian Punk Cabaret-Southern Gothic-Cello Rock Spectacular.

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