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Monday, November 14, 2005

Chunk 'o randomness...

Nothing too exciting to report, but some of my fellow bloggers have uncovered a few funny links.

This one is via Candleblog. Hee-larious!

Here's another laugh riot from False 45th.

An article in the Guardian UK about convoluted modern music writing, courtesy BrooklynVegan.

Has anyone seen that documentary on The Minutemen? (Watt & Boon, not George Washington's  Kill Squad.)

I haven't. Really want to, though.

That and Sarah Silverman's movie.

Guns N' Roses are supposed to have a song on the Da Vinci Code soundtrack. The last official release from Mr. Rose and company was also tied to a film;  Ahh-nold's action-fest End of Days. That was back in 1999. Wonder if it'll be 6 more years before the next single?

Somtimes I check the official Gunner website to see if I played on Chinese Democracy and simply forgot.


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The McRorie one-man-band guy found my website and left a hilarious comment:

"Performing and recording as a solo musician is fun.It has nothing to do with your limited few of life.McRorie"

Thank goodness for the internet. It finds a different way of putting a smile on my face everyday.

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