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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Wanna play?



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Very funny, but some attribution is warranted. You're an honest guy, and I know you wouldn't want people misled into thinking you developed the Hipster Bingo graphic yourself. I believe it's the product of .

Also, I don't know how au courant a hipster needs to be, but the Hipster Bingo game apparently hit the world back around the time "Finding Nemo" was still in the theaters.


Indeed, I did not create the graphic. Nor am I cool enough to know the expiration date for hipster satire.

I blame the addicitive "StumbleUpon" extension in my Firefox browser.

And not having any decent news to post.

Finding Nemo isn't still in theaters?




casey dude.. i remember moshing with you at george's starlight cafe back in the day.. heeh... good to see your still around...



Was that in Newport?

My memory is pretty well shot.

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