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Thursday, December 01, 2005

We Get Letters!

PostalHere at Seven Days, it's not uncommon for me to receive letters and e-mails from the general public. While I always encourage folks with to write to THE EDITOR to sing praise or vent frustrations, some of them prefer not to. 

I still consider their communiques to be public domain, however, so I've decided to start posting some of them on this blog. That way all of you voyeurs can catch a glimpse of what it's like to be me.

Here's an example from Ruff Dave, who titles his missive "Real,Good,Music."

You wouldn't know good intelligent music if it came up and bit you in the
ass. (Aren't you the one who said Caralina was an up and coming band to be
on the lookout for? Cara-who?) And give me a hypocritical break. Seven
Days, environmentally aware, yada, yada. Yeah, sure.

A quick visit to his website reveals that Mr. Ruff's recordings feature none other than Bill Mullins, one of my favorite area guitarists .

You can listen to a bunch of his songs. He invites you to drop him a line to let him know what you think.

Keep 'em coming, you wacky Vermonters!


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Great blog post Casey.

Keep 'em coming, you wacky blogger!

lol (lots of laughter)

:-) [smile]


I got bit in the ass by a spider once. It might have been a good spider, but the action of biting me did not raise it's appeal nor did I become keenly aware of it's potential greatness. It just pissed me off.

So good music biting someone on the ass helps no one and is bad way to promote itself.

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