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Monday, March 13, 2006

Been a long time.

I know, I know. I've been negligent.

Here's where I'm at these days:

The Contrarian Soft Rock 3" is currently being pressed for Icebox Records. I'll let you know when it's actually here. There has been some talk about a release party, but the material, although more straightforward than usual, would be difficult to perform live. We'll see.

The Swale full-length is coming along, slowly but surely. It's sounding pretty damn fine, though. Great batch of songs. Hope I survive the mixing process.

Carrigan are finally releasing their album. I hear they've got a release party near or on Cinco de Mayo. My buddy Jeb Interlandi (currently of The Cripples) will be joining them on bass.

I'm heading over to ye olde Muddy Waters this evening to chat with Greg Davis about his upcoming Firehouse Gallery shows. The first one will feature electro-drone maestro Keith Fullerton-Whitman. Supposedly there's a John Cage theme goin' down. Should be smashing. You can read the result of our conversation in Seven Days on Wednesday, March 22.

I'm psyched that The Sopranos is back on. We watched the first show of the season in Hi-Def last night. I could see each bead of grease in Silvio's hair.

Frank Black sums up my current feelings nicely:

"(I Wanna Live On An) Abstract Plain" Teenager of the Year, 1994

I’ve had it with this town
I never saw those shifting skies
I never saw the ground
Or the sunset rise
I want to live on an abstract plane

I’m building a frame
A place to put my ten-yard stare
Thinking of that paint
Painted in plein-air
I want to live on an abstract plane

I need a new address
I want some new terrain
Is it north or south?
I want to live on an abstract plain

I could sit on the roof
On top of that abstract house
See my abstract view
An abstract mouse
I want to live on an abstract plane

I need a new address
Tell me I’m not insane
Is it up or down?
I want to live on an abstract plane

Like crap? Check out Bad Music Radio.


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I don't know what made me think of this ( maybe the flock of seagulls ref. in the prior post) but have you checked out eagle*seagull?
More specifically the single "Your Beauty Is A Knife I Turn On My Throat". My vote for song title of the year

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