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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Better late than...

I found out about this show a little bit late, so it won't make the print edition. Figured I could plop it up here, though.

How's everyone doing, by the way? Hanging tough?


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Neil C

So wait... this is a Colin show?

And I'm fine, thanks.


It's a Colin show and a steve williams show and a colin & steve show!

we're alternating sets and doing a set together. the lovely and talented hannah wall may lend her considerable vocal talents to the evening as well!

and it will be a release party for my new casisingle from sanitary records (



Am I missing the location? I must be.


1/2 on 1/15....



I meant 1/2 on 3/14.

Neil C

This post, for about two seconds, made me consider starting a band called The Fractions. But don't worry, now I'm off it.

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