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Thursday, March 16, 2006

But wait — there's more!


So tonight there's that Keith Fullerton Whitman show at the Firehouse Gallery. Greg Davis will be reading some John Cage texts. I'm looking forward to it. We're lucky to even have a show like this in Burlington. I'm sure it'll make up for some of the horrible shit that's come my way lately. I seriously need to cleanse my aural palate.

I found a local metal band on My Space called Dentata Mare. They're pretty fun in that math-metal/sludgecore kinda way. I think they just played at Second Floor.

Speaking of metal, I marvel at the fact that Non Compos are releasing an album in '06. I gave up shortly after they dropped the "mentis" from their name.

Oh, I watched that new Fox show "The Loop" last night. Part of it anyway. Yep, they played James Kochalka's "Hockey Monkey." But it was downhill from there.

I used to think that if things got really bad, I'd just head to Hollywood and write shitty sitcoms. Well, I've changed my mind. I'd rather be a jaded small-town music nerd than one of the mental midgets that pens this stuff. Wow — they made Philip Baker Hall say "ass-clown!" Bet that line is gangbusters when you're snorting blow with your L.A. pals.

Twentysomethings selling trash to twentysomethings.

I'm gonna go home and read Steve Martin's Cruel Shoes to remove the taint. Ha! I said taint! Maybe I can have a career in television, after all!

What a crap day. Someone should buy me flowers, or maybe a unicorn.


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Ahahaha Taint! Makes me want to watch that Hollywood film "Taint your wagon." or was that "Taint misbehaving"?

Greg and Keith killed me tonight; specially like the last 10 minutes of Keith... Gauzy headfucking at the Firehouse? Ok, sign me up.


Yeah. Keith's set should have been called Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle.

It's INSANE, that guy's taint!

That reminds me, my subscription to "Neither Cock nor Balls Quarterly" is nearly up.

Neil Cleary

Cruel Shoes is a fucking comedy bible. J'adore.

Saw a cool sound/projection thingy in Portland the other night by this guy: Pretty good for beep-boop music. Apparently there's a supportive scene there for that type of thing. He had a sizeable crowd.


Indeed, Portland has a sizable laptop-tronic community. A friend of mine is fully immersed.

Locust is a pretty decent label.

Cruel Shoes rules! Hey, remember the band Nu Shooz?

"b-b-baby, I can't wait!"

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