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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Flyin' high again.


Sometimes Of Montreal really hit the spot. Particularly on warm spring days when you're taking cold medicine!

Hey: I'm heading to the deep South early Thursday morning. If any of you weirdos have music news, get it to me STAT!

UPDATE: I did a couple of decent interviews this week. Paul de Jong of The Books was a super cool, articulate and inspiring guy. I got a whole new batch of ideas just talking to him.

Spencer from hype victims Wolf Parade was incredibly nice, if a little spacey. You can catch that article on Wednesday, April 12.


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its interesting that Of Montreal ditched the whole psych sunshine pop just when it might be cool to be doing that kinda stuff.
im not sure i like their new smooth euro dancy sound. i liked those early beatley records. super catchy.

glad you talked to paul. nice guy. nick is great too. im really looking forward to those shows.

have fun down souf....

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