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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Today's Wisdom.

I try my hardest to be an impartial "cheerleader," but I gotta tell ya: there are some really lame-ass acts out there.

I honestly have no idea why some folks even bother. It seriously pains me from time to time. Physical. Pain.

Just had to get that off my chest.


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Yes I agree and the state of VT radio is even worse. If it were not for and the blogosphere I would be forced to listen either emo crap or double tall postum latte/ragg wool wearin-singer-songwriter-anemic-folkfest that is flogged on the local airwaves. OK call me a hater, I deserve it. I'll see you at the Built To Spill show instead.

Neil Cleary

Casey: This is why I love you. Don't stop the hate. Or the love, for that matter. Milquetoast reviewing hurts local music.

Star Monk

This is why it's just easiest not to have an act at all sometimes. Little for the reviewers to trash you for.


I'm not offended by people expressing their creative desires; it's their pushy attitudes that get me riled up.

Bullshit perfumed press releases won't do a thing if you lack talent, wit and charisma.

I have no opinion as to people's individual tastes, and that's as it should be. Styles and genres, recording quality, etc. are largely irrelevant. But I'm tired of being steamrolled by so-called "artists" that puff themselves up to outrageous degrees with little or nothing to back it up. This happens on a local and national level; it's endemic of our highly delusional "everyone's a superstar" culture.

It is indeed easier "not to have an act." But creativity is really an expression of aesthetic will. If one has the audacity to do engage in this manner, one must be prepared for reaction, be it positive, negative or indifferent.

Hope that clariffies my position.

Star Monk

It all depends on what you are good at--perhaps if one is good at making 'bullshit perfumed press releases,' one should pursue that rather than attack people with their lack of musical talent.

We all can't be rockstars. We all can't even be famous--and sometimes that seems like it's luck of the draw anyway who makes it big and who doesn't. You are right about the 'everyone's a superstar' culture--just because you WANT to make it big doesn't mean you will. This attitude is present more and more in every aspect of our lives, from kids whinging about their grades even though they didn't study to the perpetual promotion of so-called 'leadership skills'--when we all should realize that all of us can't be leaders, and most of us have to be followers, and we should be happy with that. Or the fact that you CAN go your own way without being either, as long as you don't care what people think.

Neil Cleary

Thank God there's finally a name for this national superstar-entitlement pandemic: American Idol.



It's really a volume versus quality issue. Even being objective, it's tough to wrap my mind around just how many people are convinced of their inherent right to glory.

Usually, I say, "have fun, and best of luck." But at least a few times a month someone straight-up demands I personally convince the world of their gifts. That gets tiresome.

But then there's all the fun good stuff. I like to help people and feel like a part of something. So it balances out.

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