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Thursday, June 15, 2006

A moment of pure, self-advertisement.

Cut me some slack — I don't do it often. I guess this is what they'd call a "press release."


After numerous panic attacks, nail-biting and asinine whining by yours truly, The Contrarian's 3" CD "Soft Rock" is available to order from Icebox Records. A top-shelf label indeed.

The four-song disc is alternately dreamy, sad and terrifying. Kind of like its creator.

Buy it and weep.


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Congrats man! Great news indeed!!!


Congratulations! You are very talented and it's a shame that this has been such a difficult birth.


Uh, it's five songs, Mr. Contrarian.

Man...I guess it HAS been a long time, huh?


Isn't one of the "songs" a Jerky Boys-style prank call to Rich Tarrant? That hardly counts.

Birth? Do I have to put this thing through college?

I encourage everyone who reads this blog to buy it.

Think about it... At 6 bucks, it's like buying me one mixed drink. Cheaper, actually. So be my enabler, won't you?

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