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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

E-mail of the day award....

Goes to Ben from the always delightful band Farm, who writes:

Hey Casey,
I was reading your blog and. . . well, if you're going to, like, voluntarily "merge with the infinite" or something, can we have some of your mikes and recording stuff? 
thanks man,

In the instance of my untimely demise (most likely in a plane crash, as I fly to CA on Friday) Ben and co. are hereby the beneficiaries of my "recording stuff."

Jesus — do I sound that depressed? I'm just pissed off, for fuck's sake! If I was depressed I wouldn't bother blogging.

But thanks for the consideration.


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Can I have your books and your girlfriend?


Can I have your soul patch?


Can I have YOUR Soul-GLo?

See you in a few days, Mr. Pop Star.


How about your black sabbath records, man?


Those suckers are all in the iPod now. I'm Mr. Digital!

But some of you might want to fight over the iPod, in case my plane plunges or the next Great San Fran Earthquake happens while I'm out there.




Yeah, it's a weird little gadget that holds an obscene amount of music and some video. Side effects include decreased social skills and severe eye strain from watching episodes of "Lost" on a 2" screen.





arthur wanna go see Lez Zeppelin with us at the Fillmore Saturday night? It's their first SF show, and according to Mr. Marcus, they're very good. See you soon.


Casey, you should go, man. I heard they're a far out bunch of cats.


Actually, I saw 'em. And I thought they SUCKED.

They butchered tunes most 15-year olds can nail.

Wow — they're girls. Whoopdy-do. I'm supposed to hold 'em to a different standard? I wouldn't care if it was just a lousy gimmick, like Judas Priestess or something. But LZ claim to "channel" the real Zep. And they fail miserably. Bonham rolls in his grave.

But maybe we'll still go. I hear they have a new singer, not like it matters.


I dont want to sound like I'm anti-fun... It's just that Zep are a special band: fun, sexy, scary, complex, retarded, dangerous, sloppy, inventive, etc.

It makes me mad when so many people accept an extremely dumbed-down version (worse than most hair metal bands, and I lived through those years) just because it has boobs.

And don't call me a musical misogynist. I love Heart. Now those chicks can play some Zeppelin.


Umm...yeah...I don't know. I've never seen 'em, but I thought it might be fun. I don't hold the Zep in that high esteem, so it's not going to trouble me as much...Gimme a call when yr in town...


Jeesh, don't let my Zeppelin rant put you off... I need you to be my sherpa through the acid casualties and eateries.


I'd be your sherpa any day.


Oh, Lez zep! I thought arthur was trying to be funny. Like, The real zep was playing at the filmore circa, 1969. I can't stand tribute bands, myself.

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