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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

"Soft Rock" physically exists!

We interrupt the previous bitch session to bring you some very exciting news:

My teensy little 3" is now made manifest.

So I believe that Pure Pop should have it in stock very soon.

Thanks to Eric and Cooley for putting this sad little sucker out.

And super thanks to Sean Altrui for being so supportive and helping to keep my own interest up!


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Congrats on the Contrarian 3"...It looks and sounds great.


Oh, shit — and thanks to Rucchi for pressing the damn thing!


cool, I'll check it out in july when i get home.


Hey, are you gonna maybe bring me a copy? Pretty pretty please!!! I'll be yer best friend!


Yes sir, sir!


Great job Casey, feels like you really put yourself into this one - i posted my first impressions on my blog.


Just picked it up about an hour ago. Pure Pop has it right at the counter, in the Icebox Records display. First in the row, you can't miss it.

I have to agree with Tanner, one brilliant record!

"Last Beat Of My Heart" is beyond words. Sounds in part like Nick Drake, Mark Lanegan, a hint of Hope Sandoval (somehow), and Ian Curtis, post-mortem. Atmospheric, serene, textured, and very well produced.

Go buy one people, it's nice and cool in Pure Pop today.

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