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Sunday, July 23, 2006

OK- I'm getting obsessed.

I found this clip of the aforeposted DragonForce on YouTube. It features the band's two guitarists playing the solo to the song "Through Fire and Flames." The best part is that they actually put a box at the bottom of the screen so you can watch their hands close up. What geeks!


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I can't even close to play guitar like that, but I sure can drink a beer like that one guy.


Hey, man — that takes some practice, too!


I think I might be able to grow hair like that one guy...


switch the beer out for "Red Bull" or better "Rock Star" energy drink and this would make a perfect commercial.


wait until you see the anti-gravity whammy bar dive bomb live


Can't frickin' wait!


I think i'm going to have to go to this show now.


You really have to.

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