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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Thine Chalice Runneth Over.


I've always found "power metal" (or "adventure metal," as it's sometimes known) to be the most ridiculous of hard-rock genres. With all their neo-classical riffing and quasi-operatic vocals, bands of this variety are practically begging to be poked fun at.

Still, I admit to being compelled by D&D-inspired rockers. What would make a man (or woman) sing of wizards and battlements, anyway? The answer may never be clear. At least not to me.

Yesterday, while struggling to choose the spotlights for next week's issue, I discovered that British power metallers DragonForce are playing at Higher Ground. It's in the Ballroom, so they must be expecting some kind of turnout. I had no idea this kind of sound was a draw in sleepy Vermont. Maybe there are orcs in these here hills.

Anyway, here's one of their tunes: "Through the Fire & Flames"

It's totally goofy, no?


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If Dragonforce gets a bigger crowd than Wolf Parade got, I may have to reevaluate my existence.


Not sure if that's possible. I seem to recall the WP show being very well-attended. but I'm willing to bet I'll be far more entertained by this one. Did you listen to that clip? It's frickin' crazy!


They sound like a hybrid of Styx and Pantera.

WP had the place about 2/3 full so there is room to top their total.


That's a good description. I hear "Flight of the Bumblebee," Yngvie Malmsteen and The Legend of Zelda.


Why would people want to sing about wizard's and warriors, and battlements!? Cause they're awesome. duh. who WOULDN'T want to sing about them that's what i don't understand, actually the only way i'd understand would be if you didn't understand the complex world of D&D, in that case, email me and you can borrow my Dungeonmaster's guide and my complete collection of Dragonlance novels, starting first of course, with the "Dragons of" series.
The only other reason would have to be cause you want to get laid.


I was reading Dragonlance when you were knee-high to a halfling, McCuin.



man, sebastien and i saw this video at a hotel in belgium when we were on tour there and it totally flipped our shit.
did this show already happen? i want to go and see if all this riffage is for real.
these guys must be mainlining mountain dew energie by the 2 liter....


Tomorrow night, metal brother. C U there.

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