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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Bits and pieces.

I reviewed the new Slayer over at Dusted.

Me and Buzzo from the Melvins are hooked up to chat within the next few weeks. Yay!

In non-heavy news, I picked up the 1968 Billy Nichols album, Would You Believe, at Pure Pop yesterday. It sounds like a cross between Pet Sounds and the Zombies' Odessey & Oracle  with some guitar-driven freakouts thrown in for good measure. Fun stuff, especially if you like vintage psych-pop. Here are a couple of choice cuts:

Billy Nichols - "Girl From New York"

Billy Nichols - "Portobello Road" 

Entering the record shop, I was surprised to see rawker and longtime PP shopper Jason Cooley behind the counter. Hey, it only took 15 years, right? I guess persistence pays off. Lookin' good, X-12.

It also happened to be my man Tanner's last day. Best of luck, scruffy buddy!


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Thanks Casey - I now go on to greener pastures, chances are i'll be fired and be back behind the counter by spring.

Eva Deadbeat

I think this same scruffy buddy of yours just had a birthday - what a busy fellow!


billy nicholls, that's great!

"Pencilled in for an April 1968 release the album never reached the shops. A cash flow crisis for the fledgling 'Immediate' label is the most obvious reason for Andrew Loog Oldham getting cold feet but why the album has remained untouched for so many years you wonder if other forces were at work also."



27 Aug 06

That Casey Guy wrote..."“Cult” and “Skeleton Christ” take on organized religion, one of Slayer’s most time-honored topics. Unfortunately, their indictments lack punch, as bassist/vocalist Tom Araya’s Catholic background is well documented. This might confuse the pentagrams and inhalants set, but it doesn’t stop Araya from howling, “No man upon the crucifix…I’ve made my choice: Six-six-six.” You gotta wonder how many Hail Marys he says before bedtime."

Add to that my review of Araya's appearance in "Metal: A Headbanger's Journey," noted by this entry on my blog...

"And, while on the subject of religion, a particularly revealing moment was captured during the Slayer interviews. While guitarist, Kerry King was deftly holding his own, bassist and vocalist, Tom Araya seemed a bit thrown off by being confronted with his own staunch Catholicism being juxtaposed with... well, Slayer. He simply didn't looked prepared for that at all and, after a rather telling cut in the footage, he backpeddles and offers a lamely desperate response to the tune of it being "art." Yeah, Tom. Take those Satan lyrics, stage-prop inverted crosses, and pentagramed t-shirts next week to confession and see what the priest has to say. Dunn nailed you to the wall and it was all too obvious to those of us paying attention. If only we could see what hit the cutting room floor from that interview."

More blog goodness (or diametrically-posed suchness) is located at...

Oh, and "Hi."



Yeah, I read your blog about Araya and "Headbanger's Journey." I watched the movie not long ago and felt the filmmaker failed to cover many important subjects metallic.

And why did he let those drunkards in Mayhem get the better of him? Then there was Gaahl from Gorgoroth. It's obvious Dunn doesn't *get* black metal or its acoylytes.

I thought VH1's 4-part doc "Heavy: The Story of Metal" was far more informative. If I were to give a primer to someone who didn't know the genre, I'd choose that series.

But you wrote a great summation nonetheless.

"Hi," to you too.


yeah that billy nichols record is quite nice.


I truly like it. Completely over the top in spots, though. Often it's as if he's trying to cram every psych-pop convention into a single tune. But it usually works.

And the fact that the Faces dudes are on it makes it rock much harder than other paisley records.

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