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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Bless these internets.

Every day brings a new adventure in time-wasting fun.

First up is this OK Go video, courtesy 7D design maven and Dirty Blonde, Reverend Di. Make sure to watch it all the way through, even if you don't like the song. It's quite amazing.

Have you ever messed around with the Korg Kaos Pad? It's one of Jonny Greenwood's favorite effects. Greg Davis sent me this link. It's a dude making prank calls with the damn thing. Hilarity inevitably ensues.


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That's fucking awesome, especially considering it's the second video I've seen by them, the first being this. It's a fantastic shtick: rather than spend hundreds of thousands on a video possibly no one will talk about, spend maybe ten thousand (??) to hire the world's most kickass choreographer and film it yourself, thus making a video definitely everyone will talk about.

Their success is so bittersweet for me, considering the first time I heard of them was when a band I was playing with opened for them in Chicago maybe five years ago. It was the middle of a long tour and I was starting to come seriously unwound, so I figured it was a really fantastic idea to get rip-roaring drunk. [That was also incidentally the same night I think Sleater-Kinney were hanging out in the place (there was some festival going on nearby?) and I surprisingly discovered they were all really hot, which bent my drunken mind as my impression of them had been that they were sorta defiantly dumpy in a "fuck you, we're punk rock" sorta way. It was strangely disappointing.] Anyway, as soon as OK GO started playing I quickly developed an fierce & intense hatred for the suuuper pretty-boy lead singer for some reason (mmmaybe because their band was much better than ours??) that at the end of the night, as we were all loaded out and in the van ready to leave, I drunkenly declared I was going to march back into the club and punch him in the face. Luckily, I was restrained by the stoner members of the band, who were able to magically see the error of my drunk logic with their superstrong marijuana-vision. I remember the lead guitar player sagely shaking his head, saying"Bad idea jeans, man" which, thank god, somehow broke the spell. I am now exceedingly glad that didn't happen. Instead, that became the tour where we started beating each other up, on stage. Which I think was probably pretty hilarious unless you happened to be in the audience.

Anyway, that's my OK GO non-story. While I was looking up that other video, I found this one of a girl who takes a picture of herself every day for three years. Christ, I need a job.:


If you were employed, there wouldn't be time for such a detailed, revelatory and hilarious comment such as this one.

Whatta charmer.

PS: I find the aforeposted OK Go tune to be pleasantly catchy.


I totally web-trawled that days ago, dude. My initial reaction upon seeing the second video was "I want to MARRY ALL OF THEM."

Ask the Reverend about seeing them live. If memory serves, she and Becky went at Higher Ground, and the band closed their set with a lip synced, spot-on version of the Million Ways dance. Becky said you could hear them counting off to each other from the stage. Awwwwww...

I say next up it's OK Go on TRAMPOLINES!


i went to college at depaul univ. with tim from ok-go. we were even in a short lived all casio SK1&5 band together. i also recorded an early version of their band at the depaul radio station. super nice guy. glad they are doing well for themselves. i think they all ditched chi-town and moved out to LA. ooooh fancy.

those prank calls are by this guy called 'longmont potion castle'. he lives in denver i think and has been recording totally absurd prank calls for like 20 years. he has several tapes and cds worth of pranks. they are pretty hilarious.

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