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Friday, August 25, 2006

Last Night.

Went to see Unlikely Cowboy and Carrigan last night at Metronome. Missed Resonator; maybe next time.

It was a fun show, great to see my old friends and ex-bandmates. UC were cool in an urban country kind of way. The coolest part was their spot-on cover of Led Zeppelin's "Black Dog. I've heard too many shitty Zep covers, so it was fun to see it done right.

Carrigan played with special guest ex-members Daryl Rabidoux and Jeb Interlandi. No offense to the two-piece, but they truly sound the best with those two on board.

Unfortunately, I didn't make the post-show party. We didn't leave the club 'til after 2 a.m., and I had to be fresh to write that Saget piece. Which I did.

Can't decide whether or not to go to Montreal to attend the Osheaga Festival next weekend. It'd be kind of cool, but I know I'll just end up spending a crapload of money, even though the tickets are taken care of. And it would also mean I'd totally miss Foreigner at the fair. I think it's funny that Jason Bonham is now playing drums for them. And they've got a new singer, too. You can hear him squealing away on some of their classics here. So you're all going, right?

I'm gonna lay low this weekend and work on more music.

Next week: Kayo Dot at 242 on 9.1 and Christina Carter of Charalambides at Green Door Studios on 9.3. More info on those shows in Wednesday's issue, and future posts.


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Go to Osheaga. I'll be in NYC and will miss it. So, I'd be interested in hearing the full rundown of your time at the festival.

I'm predicting a surprise appearance by Arcade Fire. They've been in the area all summer working on their next album. Belle Orchestra and Final Fantasy are already booked for the festival. So, half the band will be there anyway. They'll probably come out, play four songs, call it a night and work the indie blogosphere into a frenzied froth.

And you could be there to experience it in all of its glory.


By the way, it may just be my browser but the link for Kingdom For a Voice seems to be missing above the description of the site.


DAMN I miss those Dakota kids so so much. Just saying.

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