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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Lolla What? Flaming Who?

It's rare that I care to read a PitchforkMedia article, and even rarer that I don't want to scrub myself raw with a steel wool loofah afterwards.

But today's review of Lollapalooza 2006 is priceless. It makes a great many points I feel need to be made. Here's one of my favorite bits about Flaming Lips, or Hippies N' Sequencers, as I like to call 'em:

The biggest flop of all was reserved for the Flaming Lips, whose music has become simply an excuse for Wayne Coyne to play with his props and sermonize in front of crowds. His injections of whimsy and beauty into dour, late-90s rock were crucial and welcome, but he's since become indie rock's Carrot Top, waving gigantic hands in the air like a Michel Gondry video come to life and relying on the same tired confetti and nun-puppet schtick.

No fooling. Read the rest of it (if you haven't already, haters) here.


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I already have my ticket. I can't help but love them for bringing Soft Bulletin into the world, it is like musical prozac.

Plus, like, I wanna see the hampster ball in Patrick Gym. Raditude.



That comic was high-larious. I love Opeth and all manner of growling, Nordic men. And women. I also enjoy blissed-out, soft-focus jamz. But Flaming Lips ("Bulletin" aside, I'll give ya that) somehow really annoy me. Actually, "SB" sounds like indie-rock Yes with late-90s FX.


And bees! Don't forget the bees!

I feel the same way about Opeth. I received an education in Scandanavian Death Metal from a coworker over a series of months, and Opeth was by far my favorite. I rarely kick off my shoes after a hard day's rockin', pour myself a glass of Cab, and throw the horns whilst listening to Opeth, but I give 'em props nonetheless.



actually i really enjoyed the fearless freaks doc made me care about them again, if only this |----| much.

jesus egg rocks too.


I'm pretty sure the Lips played some songs while Wayne played with his props.

I'm a bit surprised, Casey. I think a Brian Wilson fanatic like yourself would go ga-ga over "Clouds Taste Metallic".


Best leave BW out of this.

I've enjoyed some Lips in my day. But that ship has long since sailed.

I just read the following comment from Thom Yorke, also on P-Dork:

"When we played Bonnaroo we got such a nice vibe, a genuine good feeling from the first beat. Things like Bonnaroo give you the hope that you can do it the other way. I met Phish-- most of their people are involved in Bonnaroo. And it's great. I dream to take some of that vibe and take it around the country...."

Is it a viral infection? Am I the only one that's immmune?

Ah, who cares. It's not like I'm ever gonna attend a festival concert ever again anyway. Knock yerselfs out.


"When we played Bonnaroo we got such a nice vibe, a genuine good feeling from the first beat... I dream to take some of that vibe and take it around the country...."

Holy shit, a hopeful, positive, good-vibes-spreading Thom Yorke?
These truly must be the final days.

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