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Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Anyone remember when the Flaming Lips played on Beverly Hills 90210? I discovered this clip via The Onion's pop culture blog. It pretty much speaks for itself:


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What was the girl's name who owned the club? Was it Valerie? I can't believe I liked that show so much. It hasn't aged well.

I still like Claire, though. And there was that Emily Valentine. I liked her.


I admit to watching an awful lot of episodes, but I don't remember many of the character's names. But I think Valerie (Tiffany Amber-Thiessen) was the booking agent for the Peach Pit 'round the time of the Lips' appearance.


Ah yes. My friend Vivian and I used to watch the show together when we were in college, and Vivian always called her "Kelly Kapow." Remember she was also Kelly Kapowski on Saved by the Bell...


Ah, yes. I remember that episode well. I remember most episodes well, though. Valerie owned the Afterdark, if memory served.

I always loved that Claire was played by Hilary Swank. Now THAT'S an early career arch...playing Ian Ziering's love interest, and then winning the Oscar for playing a man.

Sidenote: upon viewing the "new" Higher Ground when it opened, the first words out of my mouth were: "Dude, this place looks like a bigger Peach Pit Afterdark." And it does.


I meant Carly, not Claire. Sheesh.

They're's not Michael Bolton, that's fer sure.


Separated at birth? Possibly. I said the same exact thing about the new HG. In a positive way, of course.


I can't wait to drop the line "I've never cared much for alternative music but these guys rocked the house."

And I love how they were able to talk in casual voice volume during the show.


Wait, who was Carly? Who did Hilary Swank play? I'm confused.


Carly, spunky single mother, seduced by Steve, was played by Hilary Swank. Claire, longtime girlfriend of the self-same Steve, was played by...hold on, IMDB can tell Kathleen Robertson, whom we can see scowling and generally looking spunky in the aforementioned clip. It doesn't help that they sorta look alike. (Aside from the obvious spunk they both share...)

Remember when Brian Austin Green turned to speed to help him cope with the pressures of being on-air on his high school's radio show? Heavy stuff, man. Tiny tear.

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