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Monday, August 14, 2006



So I just heard that the Flaming Lips won't be doing any interviews in advance of their Sept. 7th performance at UVM. Guess I can't ask Wayne about that giant hamster ball.

Say, didn't State of Mind Magazine do something on them somewhat recently?

I might not make the Lips' list, but you know who will talk to me, dont'cha? Bob "Pottymouth" Saget, that's who.

Stay tuned.


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Watch it pal! Hippies loved Bob Saget first... before he jumped ship and started doing those gigantic, sparsely attended jaded hipster club dates. And now...and now... nope, fuck it... Saget is ruined for me...seeing him these days is like going to a Clap Your Hands Say Yeah concert.


S'true. Saget did that song with moe. — "Every Body Wants Something (They'll Never Give Up)." Oh wait, that was Zit Remedy.

Anyway, Saget is fun. Hippies are fun. Music is fun. Let's all have a big ol' festival! I'll bring the grilled cheese, you bring the snark and $400 dungarees.


You know, I really do love the Flaming Lips, but I would take Mercury Rev over the Lips anyday...yeah that's right, I said it. Deserter's Songs is fucking brilliant!

The Secret Migration is MILES better than the last 2 Lips records...yep, I said that too!


casey, you need to ask the saget about his days on america's funniest home videos.


ohohohoh. He probably can't confirm nor deny, but a long-standing urban legend is that Alanis Moresette's You Outta Know is about Dave Coulier. Does she go down on you in a theater? About Joey? Cut. It. Out.

If you can stomach the words "Alanis" and "Morrisette," Casey, then all of urban legendom would be indebted to you.


These are all pertinent questions. And you have my word: I will not flinch before The Saget.

That is, if I talk to him. ;)


Speaking of the moe./The Saget collaborations…

At the moe.down festival a few years ago, a lot of people (hippies) there didn’t like the Lips at all. They were confused by the lack of instrument playing. But I enjoyed it... the visual simulation was enough. Plus the PSA from the Flaming Lips: “Friends don’t let friends snort their own brain.” Great stuff.

But hey, it’s a mixed bag these days… I think moe. played a Radiohead tune and three Blue Oyster Cult covers that weekend. Are you guys ok with garlic grilled cheese?

And if you're flirting with The Saget, why not just get the Screech on the horn?


I've heard moe. play BOC. Widespread Panic play "Godzilla," as well.

Yes, I've been to a Panic concert. Horrible. Fuckin' bongo dude totally needs to go.

Anyway, I love the BOC and all, but playing cheeky rock covers is "pretend eclectic." It's too easy — the audience already know the songs, and it saves the band from having to write anything as good.

That said, I look forward to a great American band that isn't afraid to play widescreen, exploratory guitar rock with lyrics that aren't completley useless.

Mike, you're on the ball: Do you know of any? Believe it or not, I have an open mind. It's all this redundant music that closes it.


So wait, Casey... Is Saget coming to a venue near me, or did the Lips' cold shoulder (ew... lips shoulder...) deal such a blow to your journalistic self-esteem that you started trawling blindly for any B-list celebs that would talk to you?

And if he is coming, I'll go if only to say afterward: "You know, I never was a big fan of alternative comedy, but that guy rocked the house!!"

AWW yeah, that's two blog callbacks, bitches!!
Now who's gonna give me a job?


Saget is apparently coming to "Groovy-UV." I'm on a-need-to-know basis at this point. You will receive transmissions after I clear the intelligence for security.

The Lips never parted for me. (ewww yerself!) Actually, I never tried to secure an interview, and later I heard they weren't doing them anyway. That's why the SOM aricle was such a coup.

A job? Making money off blogging would be nice... It's kind of the modern-day "assemble parts at home."


Panic used to make me angry, I guess. I never understood why these guys were so successful while all these brilliant musicians I knew of were starving. But, I saw them at Bonnaroo when Herbie Hancock sat in with them, and it was shocking. They ripped that place up. Thousands and thousands of people there, and they delivered. I still don’t have an urge to go see them, but at least after that I could understand why so many people do.

As for moe., I couldn’t begin to explain in a convincing way what it is about their music that’s so great. I think they write great songs… I mean, every time I hear “Rebubula” I think it’s one of the greatest rock songs ever. When they play that or “Plane Crash” live it’s like watching The Who play “Baba O’Reily”…

So, umm, to answer your question: Surprise Me Mr. Davis. Have you heard them? If not, I’ll gladly give you a copy of their EP. I’d love to hear what you think. And... I have no clever way to tie The Saget into this.


Today I shall try to hear that moe. tune, "Rebubula." And that other band... I assume they have a MySpace page?



As I had expected, I still can't hang with moe. Slap bass, overly earnest "natural dude" voice, guitars that squiggle but never really rock... All stuff I don't particularly enjoy, at least in this context. But it did make me crave a microbrew and an apple, so there's something.

Surprise Me Mr. Davis are a nice find. In fact, I could actually see myself getting into them. They're not trying too hard. It's very soulful and loose in a streamlined kind of way. No struggle, no resistance. More modern jam should be more like this.

At times I was reminded of mid-'70s electric Dylan, at others, J. Geils Band, believe it or not! The last song, "Snowed In," is beautiful.

"Sleepyhead" is the Americana tune P-hish should've written for one of their later records. My least fave of their MySpace selection.

But overall, I like 'em because they know where jam rock and psych intersect. It's a small strip of highway, and most bands miss it completely.

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