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Friday, September 29, 2006

New Kool Keith album a "fake."

It has recently been revealed that the latest disc from leftfield MC Kool Keith is an industry hoax. The CD was sent to me, but I never opened the shrinkwrap. And I'm a fan. Musical spidey-sense? Perhaps.

The album in question, The Return of Dr. Octagon, was widely marketed as a sequel to the alias-happy rapper's 1996 classic, Dr. Octagon.

I wondered why Keith hadn't done any touring to support the release.

Read the full scoop here.


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Did you read the Sept 2006 "Wired" Kool Keith article and interview? It went to press before the article you linked, but it addresses similar rumors surrounding the album, claiming they are false. I have no opinion either way. It matters not. I like it, fake or not.


A Dusted associate just interviewed Keith as well.

Maybe I'll actually listen to the damn thing and make up my own mind.

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