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Friday, September 22, 2006

Podcast #1.

Enjoy my very first podcast.

The Contrarian's Corner — Episode I: Freaks, Geeks & Sweetiepies


#1: I was drinking wine, so I sound friggin' stupid.

#2: There's a lot of fade-ins during songs. This is on purpose, primarily to discourage music thieving. Not that any of you good people would do such a thing. Also, it allows me to prattle about trivia and ruin some wonderful music at the same time.

#3 At one point, I mention the Beatles, calling them "Paul, George, Paul and Ringo." Yes, I'm aware there's only one Paul in the group. No need to point it out.

Other than that, I think it's pretty fun. But you tell me!


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you know there's only one paul in the beatles casey, thought i should point that out.


well with the whole 'paul is dead' thing, maybe there were 2 in the beatles at one point. im not sure. maybe the 2nd paul was like the 7th or 8th beatle or something....


Don't worry Casey, I'm sure Paul himself has referred to the band that way more than once, although maybe with an extra Paul in there.

Haven't heard the podcast yet, but can't wait. Got it all loaded up on my iPod for a big drive tomorrow. Between that and the new Ricky Gervais shows I'll be in podcast heaven!!


Leave it to the Beatles to have cloning tech before everyone else. Always ahead of their time, those lads.

NC — do let me know what you think; stuff like this can be a shade embarrassing for me. I never even had a college radio show.


I loved your first podcast! It's like My Place with Joel Najman boiled in red wine and rolled in brown sugar and found in your crazy bachelor uncle's attic with the rusted old roach clips and R. Crumb poster and women's underpants. I had never heard any of these songs before and I really enjoyed listening to and learning about them. I look forward to the next episode.

Bea hated it. Victor was disappointed because he thought it was going to be about different kinds of pods.


Well played, Casey! One suggestion: I'd post a playlist with it, maybe behind a cut so it doesn't ruin the suprise of the lineup. But might be a good reference for you in the future, and as a listener, helpful when I go "who the eff did he say this dude was?"

  1. I loved the Neil Michael Haggerty.
  2. 13th Floor Elevators are responsible for one of my favorite angry breakup songs, "You're Gonna Miss Me," so it was good to hear the Rocky Erickson track.
  3. Lee Hazelwood! Fuck Yeah! Have you heard Nancy and Lee 3? Released as an import in '04, so I just recently heard about it. He's still kickin'. Rad.
  4. Up with Swedish Pop! I was obsessed with the Envelopes for a time. God bless those Swedes for their socialism and pop music. Aaaand their herring.
  5. Have I mentioned Leeroy Stagger here yet? I've absolutely loved everything of his I've heard, and for some reason I sorta think it's up your alley, Casey.

I totally enjoyed the 'cast. You should drink a different kind of hootch each time. This time wine, next time bourbon, something like that. Could add a whole other level to the 'cast.


Had a long car trip yesterday, perfect for listening and I loved it! (I saved you for the Canadian portion of the trip) It was everything I love about radio. I really like the fact that you talk a lot and put the music in context. I believe people like to hear talking on the radio (or, er, on the computer). College radio DJs are TERRIBLE about this. They generally play music for literally hours without announcing anything, then when they speak it's borrrring. Your talk was fun & interesting. I even like that you fade in and out of songs. If I liked a song, it made me want to hear more and if I didn't like it, I knew it was gonna end soon. For suggestions I'd say 1.) you don't have to apologize for anything ever, 2.) I dunno, I don't think you should feel compelled to have themes... I kinda like the wild & unpredictable mix. and 3.) sometimes you trailed off at the end of a sentence and got kinda mumbly so that I had to strain to hear you. Maybe that was because my muffler's loud... But overall it felt like hanging out with your cool older brother, or that kid who lives down the street who turns you on to cool music and gets you high for the first time and still calls pot "grass". I really look forward to upcoming shows.


Good idea, Brooke.

Casey, you could just put the playlist in the comments box of the info tag. So, it won't ruin the surprise but people will always be able to refer back to the playlist as long as they have the file.


Score one for the podcast!: I just went and bought "Young Folks" by Peter, Bjorn & John on iTunes. I've been whistling that song for days now.

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