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Friday, October 27, 2006

Where do I get a black trenchcoat? And a moustache?

It's for a Halloween costume. I can't tell you any more, except that this last-minute shit kills me. Totally my fault, though.

I'm buying a major piece of music gear tonight. There are plenty of shows this evening, including Jazz Guys Halloween. But it's pretty doubtful I'll be able to tear myself away from my new toy.

Lots of other stuff happening this weekend, too. We're going to a puppet opera tomorrow, then to a neighborhood party. Provided I can get my damn costume together, that is. Did I ever mention that I don't much care for parties?

Also on Saturday: Swale as "Transformer" (special Lou Reed set) at Parima. Sounds wild. Unfortunately, I'll be at the aforementioned soiree.

Fun will likely be had, but part of me would rather stay at home and listen to John the Wolf-King of L.A.


Could someone just put Aaron Sorkin out of his *breathing* misery already?


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I, unfortunately, have to miss the Swale "Transformer" show due to a party. It sounds like it's going to be second only to seeing Lou himself for a Halloween show.

I was going to ask what the new piece of gear was, until I thought about the numerous reasons why you might not want to share that kind of information on a blog....have fun with whatever it is! I'm really starting to regret selling my MicroKorg...


I was gonna link to it, but It's just so dorky.

Bill Simmon

I'll be videotaping the puppet show Saturday night so I'll see you there. Where's the party? Or, should I say, partay?


Par-Thay is on Pine St. The North End side, 'round the corner from Leonardo's. tiny brick house. You know the one.

But Shhh! We don't want any creepy crashers!


I'm so crashing the party....

Bill Simmon

So I went to the puppet Faust thing and I didn't see you there. I did, however, look at your handsome mug for more than an hour last night as I was pulling some interview clips in the editing suite.

I didn't actually see the puppet show as I was sequestered behind a wall minding the video camera but it sure sounded pretty good.

Did you make it to the party? I didn't go out after the show because I was alone and not in costume (despite my insistance that my "Oregon" t-shirt was part of my "undead Oregonian" costume).


Went to puppet show, but bailed because they weren't gonna start until 9 p.m. (the puppet part, anyway) and I was part of a two-person costume (Boris & Natasha) and my partner was at the party. Didn't want to leave her stranded, ya know?

Why did they admonish people to be there at 8 p.m, only to have everyone wait in the lobby for 20 minutes? That kind of thing makes me not wanna support the local puppet scene.

the le duo

The way I figure it, they wanted people there early (even if they then had to wait around for a bit) so there would be no chance of anyone showing up late, loud, in the middle of the VERY quiet puppet performance.

Plus, isn't cccome? worth a twenty minute wait?


Possibly. But it was another case of having a conflicting priority. Happens all the time.

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