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Wednesday, November 22, 2006


What a week! Nice to see the blog get so much action.

I'm heading to Maine in a few hours, leaving mucho work on the back burner. Maybe some of you commentators would like to help me with some of it?

In keeping with the vibe of the holiday, I'd like to give thanks to all of my regular (and irregular) reader/posters: Murph, Undead Molly, Brookezilla, Jay, Tanner, Ben, BenH, Greg, Ari, Neil, Bill, Mike, and anyone I've happened to forget. You've made doing this a really fun experience.

To all of you lurkers/recent commentators: I hope you stick around. And don't be shy about voicing your opinion. It helps me to consider other perspectives. Which can be difficult, but ultimately worthwhile.

It's occurred to me that I haven't put together a November podcast. Well, I might just have to do two next month. I think the first one will be "Spirituality in Sound." I was inspired by our last lengthy blog discussion. And it's kind of appropriate for the Holidays, right?

Oh, and congrats to Brooke Hunter for documenting the difficulties in tying the knot in today's issue.


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Bye bye! I was wondering about the absence of podcast... look forward to the next installment. Bring me back lots of cheap, plastic, lobster-themed merchandise!

the le duo

I hate to nitpick but...."Man, I love a good East-West summit. Reminds me of Rocky V, but with French horn."

methinks you may have meant Rocky IV, where Apollo and Rocky both go up against a mean Dolph Lundgren as Russian Capt. Ivan Drago. Featuring James Brown!

or did I just not get the reference?


You got me. More sloppy journalism.

I hope Dolph doesn't "break me."

By the way, I forgot to thank you as a regular commentator.

So thank you.

the le duo

well thank you for the blog. and happy thanksgiving


Donna gets no T-Day inspired love?


I think she's getting plenty of attention a few posts down.

Plus, since she's posting semi-anonymously, I don't think she can be part of the good-time gang.

jay Blanchard

Hey Casey, I felt bad about asking you to come up with a top ten list, so I decided to ante up and post my own--and at the same time introduce my new blog!

I just learning this blogging thing, but hopefully I'll get better with time. So now the ball's in your proverbial court--looking forward to your top ten return! :)


Right on!

Nice list. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be learning about more new music via your blog than a lot of my other channels, erm, publicists. Psyched to have another reason to put off doing *real* work every day. I'll call it "research."

I'll link to you soon, and maybe even come up with a list of my own for next week...

jay Blanchard

Thanks for checking out the blog Casey! I certainly not a music writer, but it's nice to be able to share some of my favorites. My background is in film, so I hope to do a lot of film reviews as well. Tell Kisonak I'm aiming to take his job! :)

Have fun in Maine; looking forward to your list!


Score! I've finally made it into a gang! Do we have colors, or oooooh...a secret hand signal?

Happy being Thankful and stuff. (ing)


Not exactly. But I can tell you what we do have: general anomie and a weary resignation regarding most social affairs. However, when prodded, we can usually rise to the occasion with witty repartee that sends shivers up the spines of potential suitors. Oh yeah, and the color is pink with fuchsia trim.


Happy Tofurkey day yesterday!

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