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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Guest post!

Today's post comes courtesy Bob Kilpatrick, our brand-spankin' new web development guru.

He went to last week's Los Lobos show, and wrote about it for your pleasure. He also took some sweet pics. It's definitely nice to have another voice on this page besides my own cranky one. But look for my full report on the Brian Wilson show soon...

PS: I did my first stand-up routine last night. More on that later!



Los Lobos rocked, but I’m getting ahead of myself. My wife and I arrived about half way through the opening band
Matt Mays & El Torpedo. I hadn’t read Casey’s review of their new CD at that point, but his comparison to “Rick Springfield recast as a heartland rocker” rings pretty true, especially if you throw in a little Billy Idol lip curling and teen angst. They were quite good and the crowd really enjoyed them. I could see them going pretty far if they got the right breaks.

The crowd had a certain vibe; they were wound up like a bunch of fourteen year-olds out for their first show without the folks. Actually, it was quite the opposite: the audience was composed of 40+ folks who had escaped the kids for the night. My wife was only too gleeful to point out how neatly I fit the demographic.

Los Lobos took the stage like a bunch of old guys who had ridden too farand too long that day, but their music was tight from the start. The crowd nodded and danced and clapped from the beginning. It wasn’t long before the band broke out in smiles. Their lead singer said “Thanks, we really needed this tonight.” We were only too glad to oblige.

Towards the end of the evening they brought up a group of women from the crowd to dance on stage. As they twisted and shouted I really wished their teens were there so I could have seen their mortified faces.

The evening hit a crescendo with a cover of the Grateful Dead’s ‘Bertha’. I always feel bad when a band gets their best reception from covering someone else’s material, but everybody, band included, was having such a good time who really cares.

All in all a good night for this old web head.


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