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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Hoofin' it.

Deerhoof's Satomi Matsuzaki.

Last night's show at HG was wonderful. Good crowd, too.

I hadn't seen The Cush on a proper stage in awhile, and it was great to witness them in full flight. Their blend of Spaceman 3-style psych and Sonic Youth-gone-krautrock jamz is only becoming more realized. A fine set.

Deerhoof: What can I say? A spazz delight. I secretly think that everyone loves this kind of stuff, they're just not exposed to it much. A truly joyous sound.

Fiery Furnaces sounded like Yes fronted by Patti Smith. Not as wretched as one might imagine.


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yeah it was a good show - but i gotta say i prefered deerhoof when they had two guiarists, whats his name did an amazing job alone, but often time he had to leave out some high jangles to hit those chuggy notes... i need my high jangles.

Furnaces were kick ass, they don't stop, and their percussionist was killer, but they don't stop... ever, just one ADHD medley... gets a bit much.


Still kicking myself for having to miss this show (damn work....)

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