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Monday, November 06, 2006

MySpace Will Sell You Out.

Just recieved this curious press release:

Baton Rouge, LA (November 6, 2006)

With no advance notice or explanation, Baton Rouge indie rockers Bones have lost their long-established MySpace URL ( to the FOX Television show of the same name.  Bones, the band, has used for nearly 2 years, racking up close to 20,000 profile views, over 21,000 song plays and over 2100 MySpace friends.

“Losing our URL was a complete surprise to us,” said Michael Miller (upright/electric bass, vox). “We logged on one day and found David Boreantz staring back at us. It sucks because we’ve used that URL for almost 2 years to build our band name and fan base, and it’s on all of our product and posters.  We’re as indie as it gets and can’t afford to reprint everything.”

“The crazy thing is, once you pick your MySpace URL you are warned repeatedly by MySpace that you can never change it,” said Scott Campbell (drums/synth bass/graphic designer).  “I guess someone bigger came along and wanted the URL we’ve been promoting for 2 years.  No one from MySpace will get back to us about how this could have happened, and they’ve now stuck us with which we can not change.”

Huh. Guess Rupert Murdoch's ruthless bottom line is starting to be felt.


In a startling turn of events late last night, Baton Rouge indie rockers BONES received the following message from "Tom" himself:

"I heard about what happened with your URL. I gave it back to ya...Sorry about that! As we grow in size, sometimes people make decisions I don't know about. This was obviously the wrong decision. The Bones URL is yours once again. :) "

Reaction from the band: "We're shocked!! And grateful," said Scott Campbell.  "Not only did Myspace give us back the URL, but we received a huge outpouring of moral support from the whole indie rock community over this.  It went from being a really horrible experience, to really amazing, and we just want to thank everyone. See you on the road!"


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That sucks and there really isn't anything you can do to prevent it from happening to you. It's just shitty luck that some corporation picks a product, TV show or movie that shares your bands name. The least myspace could do would be to give the band six months to get a new myspace name and let all of their fans know.


those guys should just get a real website and not have to worry about this happening.

im glad there won't be any TV shows or Movies called 'greg davis music'. hahah


Just name your band something like Anal Cunt, and you'll likely never have a problem!


The only reason these guys got their name back is that the story got out. The "this was an error" line is crack. It was the first test.

The days of having a myspace page being more "indie" than having your own site ended when Rupert bought it out. Maybe even before.

Take home lesson: Be in control of your own communication channels if they matter to you.

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