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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Once upon a little toolshed...

Since we're on a JimmyPage/occult kick, (well, I kind of always am) let's see what those enterprising YouTubers have to offer.

Here's "Stairway to Heaven" all backwards an' Satanic an' shit. The piper's totally callin' you to join him:


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I always thought it was "sprinkling" as in a sprinkling of some magic pixie dust type of thing. A "spring clean" would mean that there is a singular gift of hedge cleaning being given to the May Queen. Think of the time she would save if someone would just clean out that damned hedge for her.
As much as I love Robert Plant I don't believe that 1. he's into the devil 2. He's that skilled of lyricist. Dylan's not even that tricky.

That fact that Satan doesn't exist probably removes a lot of the chances that he secretly invaded R. Plant's mind and wrote these lyrics.


One time my friend Mia was showing off her Halloween costume, which was a kind of Victorian-era dress with an enormous back-end. She came bursting into the room and exclaimed, "There's a bustle in my hedgerow!"

A great moment, indeed.

Je Suis Chris

One time, in the eighth grade, I went to a dance and the DJ closed the night with "Stairway", I remember hearing an evil voice whisper in my ear to grab Abby Gregory's ass with both hands while we slow danced and to do it when Mr. Gustafson wasn't looking.

It was either Satan or my penis. They both sound the same.

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