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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Why I can't get any work done.

Culture Club on Boy George: He's gone too far!


That's Culture Club's new singer. I dare you to watch the video on their pimped-out MySpace page.


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My goodness, there's a lot going on in that picture! For one, we have the unusual pairing of a bondage chest-piece (I'm sure they have a name) paired with a top hat. It's a good look, it says "tie me up, and come dressed for the occation." And then the smart and understated Bolero in what can only be decribed as parachute-pant material. I ask you: how many parachute-pants have to die for Culture Club? HOW MANY?

I need coffee.

Bill Simmon

What the hell happened to Brooke Shields???

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