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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

More random dumpage.

I've got nothing of my own to contribute, so I'll just post on the backs of others.

MGP likes KISS. He and I share an affinity for many things — solitude and Heavy Metal Parking Lot are but two. But on this issue, we will forever be divided.

Filmmaker and Candleblog king Bill Simmon releases the trailer to his forthcoming documentary on Vermont rock legends The Pants.

Check out some "unauthorized Burlington music videos" at SpittingOutTeeth.

False 45th continues their year-end retrospective.

Are you a guitarist and a dirty old man? Here's something for your holiday wish list. (Courtesy Music Thing).

A recent comment got me thinking about limericks. While not as personally fulfilling as haiku, they can be pretty fun. Seven Days food writer Suzanne Podhaizer thinks so, anyway. Here's proof:

"Are you clever about cuisine? Enjoy writing lyrics about the larder? Then you should contribute to our first-ever Culinary Limerick Contest! Email your creations to [email protected] The cream of the crop will be printed on December 27th. Entries must be received by December 15."

The prize is breakfast for two at Penny Cluse.  Wonder if they'll let you cut the line?

UPDATE: Here's an extraordinarily well-written review from Pitchfork. I don't care what you people think — I want Santa to bring me that Doors boxed set.


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Heavy Metal Parking Lot ROCKS!

(Kid in aviators & sleeveless t-shirt): "Hi, I'm Mike, I'm 25 and going into the Air Force next week"

(Girl with teased bangs & jelly bracelets): "Hi, I'm Dawn; I'm 13!"

(Cue make out session between Mike & Dawn)

And you have to love the irony of all the women who say they want to sleep with Rob Halford. Classic....


Everyone loves to hate on Morrison, and i guess there are reasons - but in the pantheon of Self obsessed ego tripping rock gods, you gotta admit, that dude wasn't fucking around. And that makes for some entertaining music, and an entertaining persona.


Nail on head, brotha.


I'll second that--Guy Debord and I conflict in our viewpoints on the value of the "spectacle"...


i hate the doors.


I'm well aware. That's why I said I didn't care what "you people" (read: Mr. Greg Davis) think!

By the by, I might be hittin' the Puppet Opera tonight, although I really want to see Walker, Guitar Ranger. But I wanna support Meghan, who is sitting to my immediate left. Conundrums.


yes i think the puppet opera depleted the firehouse show tonight. (maybe that and the weather)
there were only like 20 people there.
but it was a super nice show. f.s. blumm was splendid and playful. jack rose was devotional and trance-inducing. and peter walker was a pure delight. perfect for a snowy VT evening.

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