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Monday, December 18, 2006

New Podcast!


It's been some time in the making, but the new podcast is finally here.

You can call it a special edition, 'cause there's a holiday-inspired motif. Some may find it pretentious and interminable. Those people can go stuff a stocking.

The theme this time around is *spirituality* in music. That doesn't mean I've chosen a bunch of religious songs; far from it. The tunes in this batch were picked due to how they make me feel, which is markedly different from other material. Some challenge my assumptions of faith-based music. Others simply crack me up. A lot of it is pretty personal.

Brooke and I are going to DC tomorrow. I hate flying and am convinced of my fiery demise. If I don't make it, you can play this podcast at my funeral.

Oh, and Happy Holidays!

The Contrarian's Corner — Episode III: The Reckoning

PS: We saw GWAR on Saturday, but I'll probably write about it in the paper rather than here. My column needs some serious padding this week.


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I can't shake the feeling that you're holding a ukelele with a puzzled expression. Strumming away, thinking this doesn't sound like an autoharp...


Wouldn't be out of character!


DAMMIT NEIL! I was just about to post that correction about the autoharp, too. Not that I'm eager to correct Casey or anything...


Oh, I need correcting, believe me.
There's a reason I said my mom supposedly bought me an autoharp — she didn't want to mail it for fear of damage. I don't yet have it in my possession. Of course, if I were a good son, I'd have actually gone home for the holidays.

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