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Friday, December 15, 2006

I hate muckraking.

Honestly, this could've happened to anyone. Particularly in Whitehall. I mean, I don't even have a license. So go easy on a brother.


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the le duo

no linky no work


It appears that the blog has suddenly vanished. Nothing major. Trey Anastasio got picked up for DUI in the Albany area. He apparently has a suspended license in New York. They found prescription pills, blah, blah. I don't really care.

here's another link, if you'd like.

I also re-directed the link in the post to an official news story.

the le duo

Trey better be careful, he only has about ten more years before he dies in his sleep at a drug rehab clinic in California...

oh, wait a minute...nope, that was Jerry


Honestly, this could've happened to anyone

Sure, anyone with a portable pharmacy in their glove compartment... ;)

All kidding aside, I've never really liked Phish, but (like every other Vermonter)I've chatted with Trey on a couple occasions and he was a genuinely nice and approachable person. I saw him get dragged through the doll section at Toys R' Us by a young girl (daughter? niece? not sure) and he was smiling and chatting about the dolls with her the whole time.

I'm hoping that what the linked article seems to be implying (that Trey has "hard drug" issues) isn't the case, but I seriously doubt it is.


I travel with Daniel Pinchbeck in the glove compartment!


I travel with Daniel Pinchbeck in the glove compartment!

I'm so making up a bumper sticker tonight that says this....

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