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Monday, December 04, 2006

Of very minor relevance.

Listening to Dio's Last in Line. Fuck yeah!

Someone got stabbed at the Redman/Raekwon show at Higher Ground. Does hip-hop incite violence? Please advise.

My friend New York Nick read the 120 Days thread, and sent me this link about web communication theory.

False 45th begins its celebrity look at 2006.

Back to work.


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the le duo

Hitler! fuck!!...I lose...


The stabbing occurred during a heated argument over which was better: Redman in 'Seed of Chucky', or Raekwon in 'Scary Movie 3'.


Redman owns, and I think you know that. That whole dinner scene was beyond precious. If we have to settle this, I'd prefer to use flintlock pistols, however.


Well, at least the 120 Days debacle never reached the point of discussing national socialism. Online debates are so pointless but occur so frequently because it's so easy to misinterpret someone. Tone of voice & body language are a HUGE part of the way we communicate, and you don't appreciate that fact until someone completely misinterprets your words or intentions & it turns into a war of insults.

We just need to all hold hands and dance in a circle in City Hall park while hippies play bongos.....


I was just talking about how I'd prefer all of my interaction to be digital!


Not me; I've already made two enemies from this blog alone--I seem to get along with people a lot better in "real life"! :)


I hung out at the Williston Rd Double Tree on Sunday evening with my southern in-laws. The Rock the Bells entourage was staying there too. I was nervous for a blow-out from the intolerant in-laws, but thankfully things went smoothly. A bunch of the guys were staying two doors down with music blaring out into the hallway as we walked back after dinner. I quickly shuffled my "family" into their room, saying "I don't hear anything." More then once they said some iteration of "I thought you didn't have this in Vermont." Oh boy.


hip hop doesnt incite violence.
its just that south burlington is hard as f@#*&@#ck!


That's because I live there--in the mean streets of the Treetop Condominiums, y'all.

That's how I roll...


They think they hard in the SB, but those bitch's won't step foot in the Nook.


The 'Nook is my OLD hood, T--West Street, East Allen, St. Peter, many many home invasions...

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