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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

DC Talk.


There's something fishy going on in there, I just know it. 


Brooke, like many of her countrymen, says "whatevs." 


My crew rolls Exorcist-style.


Did I mention we roll?


Bust a move for inclusiveness!


Me and Brooke and the Great Emancipator. Represent.


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oh SHIT. I'm so jealous that you were on the Exorcist stairs. If only Pazuzu could've made Father Karras grab one of those sturdy guard rails...


The beard is working quite well! Billy Joel would be damn proud.


Yes, please pass along my compliments to Brooke on her terrific beard.


The beard is looking have a way to go before you can beard-fight against Mr. Gregory Davis however.... :)

D.C. is one of my favorite cities. My dad did a lot of travel there when I was a kid, so I visited the area a couple dozen times before I was 15 & a few times since. I've had a fascination with the Lincoln assassination since my first visit to Ford's Theater & Jaime gave me the DVD of the History Channel documentary on the assassination & the book "Manhunt" (about the search for J.W. Booth) for XMas. I only mention because of your visit to the Lincoln Memorial, which is always a spiritual experience for me.

OK, holidays are almost over....when are we going out for a beer?


I'm planning on writing up some of my experiences in DC, perhaps this afternoon. I have to agree that the Lincoln Memorial is profoundly affecting. The place is rightfully called a temple.


"Temple" is the right word; it was the sanctuary I went to shed a few tears in after my first visit to the Holocaust museum. It's a very comforting place.

On a different note, I'm feeling the need to buy a new album tonight. Something nice & droney that I escape into after the stress & rush of the holiday season. You got me hooked on the Loscil "Plume" album, but I've been listening to it all week. Anything else in that style you can recommend?


Not sure if Pure Pop keeps in stock, but Remembranza by Murcof is along the same lines and equally excellent.


The new Tim Hecker is very nice... or the Fennesz collected works; actually Endless Summer would be more relaxing.


Casey... nice post title... DC Talk; i saw these guys live back when i was about... 14... at the "creation" christian music festival. Jars of Clay too. Don't ask.


You're right Tanner--the new Tim Hecker album is great & I've only listened to it once since I bought it. I think that will be my soundtrack o' the day....

Haven't had a chance to look for the Murcof album at Pure Pop, but I listened to a few samples on iTunes & it sounds amazing. Thanks Casey!

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