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Thursday, December 07, 2006

What Goes On.

I'm super screwed right now due to holiday double-production at the paper. That means I'll not be posting as frequently or lengthily as usual.

I promised to talk about the Avey Tare/Kria Brekken show at Firehouse, but my local blog peers have already covered it with depth and insight.

Here's my quick two cents:

Greg Davis was terrific. It was one of the best sets I've heard him play in a while.

AT& KB were pretty fun. I'd been an early adopter of both mum and Animal Collective, but I may have burned myself out on both of them. Me, AC, EC and DPT in summertime VT. That was a few years ago, and I still have deep-psych scarring.

I'll sum up the lovebirds' performance in two words, for your amazement: Crayola Pastoral. Don't bother, it's already copyrighted.

Is it me, or does Avey's guitar style bear similarities to Chuckles Manson?

Do Icelandic ladies favor a diet of helium? (The gas, not the band).

Anyway, I wasn't as taken as other folks, but it was still a neat treat.

Read what SpittingOutTeeth and Highgate have to say.

Also, False 45th gets Neil Cleary to cough up his faves. He name-drops my podcast — sweet!

PS: Look for the next epsisode soon, I swear.


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Do Icelandic ladies favor a diet of helium?

LOL! Exactly! I have to admit I think it's sexy as hell--though it makes me feel vaguely like a pedophile to say that...


super sexy; At one point in the set she sang a lyric about "Tanners" and i could tell she was singing about me, i swooned, hand to forehead stylee.


Holy crap — I remember that! It was so hard not to suddenly turn and point at you. But by that point, there was some doubt as to whether or not I could trust my own ears.


i looked around for you when i heard the lyric 'tanners'.

i thought the avey / kria set was nice. it made me realize that dave / avey is a real master of dynamics and has an incredible array of vocal tricks. i dont always like his melodies or lyrics, but he is a really good performer. put him together with the other AC guys and i can see why they have so many fans because of their dynamic live shows. i think kristin added a nice element to the songs, although i think she should probably stick to piano for now. im interested to hear how the studio recordings of their songs together will sound.

ive decided to reevaluate some of the AC albums too. ill let you know if there are any new favorites or if itll still be the same.

also, hush hush, dave told me that the AC are set to record a new album in january down in tucson AZ. desert vibe! you heard it here first.

the le duo

I actually stared at you for a good 10 seconds when she said 'tanners' I was like, 'goddamn it Tanner, do you have to seduce every lovely Iclandic lady who comes to Burlington?' long story, people...


Rumor has it, the Tan-Man "made beats" with Bjork, if you get my meaning.


He totally bjorked her...that suave devil.


Reminds me of National Lampoon's European Vacation:

"Dad, I think he's gonna bjork her."

"He's not gonna bjork her, Russ."

"I think he's gonna."

"He may bjork her — finish your breakfast."


LOL, i wish. What a babe, Beverly D'Angelo i mean.


tanner totally 'robert borked' that chick.



Casio Bastard


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