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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Deerhoof & sundry.

B000lp5fue01_ss500_sclzzzzzzz_v48442882__2 I know a lot of Deerhoof fans in Vermont are psyched that the band's new disc, Friend Opportunity, comes out on January 23. Guess what? I've already got it. Allow me to say nyah-nyah!

I haven't had much of an *opportunity* to listen, but what I've heard sounds like Deerhoof. You know — spazzy and melodic with a non-infuriating cuteness. There are a few new elements, however, such as acoustic guitar and more prominent electronics. It's got glossier production than previous efforts, but that doesn't detract from the songs, which are as strange as ever. Here's a juicy new track for your enjoyment:

Deerhoof — "Choco Fight"

In somewhat related news, a bluegrass trio called The Toughcats are coming to  the Middle Earth Music Hall on Friday, Jan. 19. What's the tie-in, you might ask? Well, the band — which hails from the tiny Maine island of North Haven —  once performed Deerhoof's Milk Man as part of a third-grade ballet recital. The event was attended by members of the 'Hoof, and reported by those tireless arbiters of hip, PitchforkMedia, last October.

Watch a clip of the ballet here.

Don't forget about the Charles, Dead or Alive? show at the Firehouse Center tonight: 7 p.m.; $7. Read more about it in today's issue.


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And for any of you who are pained by Casey's teasing, you can actually get that new Deerhoof on iTunes right now (along with the new Shins).

Just search the iTunes store for "deerhoof" or "shins" and you can download each album track by track. The full album link takes you to the pre-order, but the searching turns up everything early (including a bonus Shins track, which is excellent). Seems someone at iTunes screwed up, and we reap the benefits...


A little update...

the Shins tracks have now been removed, but the Deerhoof album remains.


Brad is correct on both counts.

I've been meaning to write something about the Shins — I want to celebrate the band's new achievement in the face of the post-Garden State backlash.


Totally agree. I spent this morning listening to "Wincing..." a couple times through, and it's an almost total success. Just a couple songs that didn't do it for me, but overall, love it...

Josh LaClair

Just to play devil's advocate, I think the new Shins blows. To me, what made them great before was their knack for unconventional song structures, bridges and counter-melodies that kept surprising you after multiple listens, and Mercer's striking lyrics. This time around, it sounds like all of it's been stripped away, sanitized, and streamlined, and they're all but begging for the soccer moms of America to make them their new Death Cab. Having only heard it once, though, I'm probably missing something. I did notice more sonic detail, but other than that, it just didn't do much for me. Words cannot describe, however, how pumped I am for the new Deerhoof. (Sorry, I realize probably none of you know who I am, but Casey does!)

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