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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Dream a little dream...

I've been having intensely vivid dreams lately. They involve everything from 18th century tales of familial vengeance to modern espionage scenarios. Peripheral aspects include religion, suicide and plane crashes.

This Clipse song suits how I've been feeling:

Clipse — "Nightmares"

Minus the bits about slingin' crack cocaine, of course.


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It could be caused by your nightly bedtime snack of a jar of olives & a fistful of Sudafed.


How the hell did you know?

It's actually a bottle of pinot grigio, 3 benydryl and a jar of olives. No joke.


Benydryl & wine...the "Coma Maker" :)

In an effort to "clean myself up" a bit, tonight's pre-bedtime routine is a mug of Detox tea and some valerian extract. It's going to be weird going to sleep sober...


Interesting you'd say that, too. We're gonna do the tea Detox starting tonight.




Nice one.


mugwort is a good herb for dreams / remembering dreams.
also lemon balm and chamomile and hops are good with valerian for the super bedtime brain chill.


Mugwort & lemon balm? I think Greg has been shopping at the Harry Potter store! :)



"It's a Kafka high. You feel like a bug."


Now here's the that a direct Burroughs quote or a quote from Cronenberg's film....

Yes, yes I am a Beat Geek.

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