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Friday, January 19, 2007

Friday makes fun.

I meant to post yesterday, but never found the time. Enjoy the following bits of random nonsense:

Witness jazzhole Al DiMeola and his "guitar karate." Must be seen through for full effect. Courtesy Mr. Leathers.

False 45th close out their 2006 Review with yours truly.

Highgate and Undead Molly go all secret society on our internet asses.

We're understandably psyched that Sonic Youth are coming to HG.

Not as psyched about this show.

Tonight you shall be collected and destroyed.


Boris with Michio Kurihara — Rainbow. Amazingly gorgeous and alternately skull-rattling.

Sir Douglas Quintet — The Complete Mercury Recordings. Acid Country-Soul!

Grizzly Bear — Yellow House. Spitting Out Teeth's enthusiasm is justified 

Gruff Rhys — Candylion. The Super Furry Animals frontman can do no wrong in my book.

Dälek — Abandoned Language. Didn't they used to call this shit trip-hop?


The Devil's Backbone. Excited about Pan's Labyrinth? Be sure to take in Guillermo Del Toro's earlier masterpiece.

The War Room. I've seen it before, but it was on IFC last night.

The Wicker Man. The original, of course.

Post Script:

In this week's Soundbites column, I got the times wrong for James Kochalka's interview on XM Satellite Radio. The press release listed only PST, and I incorrectly assumed it was EST.

Here's the correct broadcast info:

Here's the times for VT:
Friday, 1/19 11pm
Saturday, 1/20 9am and 5pm
Sunday, 1/21 12pm

You can also watch it on DirectTV channel 116.


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WHAT? You're not excited about Lord of the Dance? Did you READ the description?
"...the Lord of the Dance fights the evil dark lord, Don Dorcha, who schemes to rule Planet Ireland."

And how does he fight Don Dorcha? With mad Irish step dance! And maybe some silly costumes! That's TOTALLY EXCITING.

* I'm only, like 85% kidding.


Even before I clicked on that link, I knew it was going to be Lord of the Dance. Ha!

That SY show is a beautiful thing. When that wall of noise gets cranking, internal organs start shifting places. Combined with the new stuff from Rather Ripped, it should be a fun night.


The DVD box of the Wicker Man remake boasts a not-seen-in-theaters surprise alternate ending. Irresistably intriguing, eh?


Can't wait for the Sonic Youth show--nice job Higher Ground! Just when I was about to complain about the bands they've been booking lately...

Thanks for the link to my blog as well; glad you enjoyed "Yellow House".


that dimeola video is something. ive got a soft spot for sweet Fairlight funk.
i watched an acoustic duet of dimeola and mclaughlin on youtube recently and nearly got sick. it was so wanky and bad, plus that flappy direct acoustic guitar string sound makes me ill.

speaking of shows! the vandermark 5 are playing at the firehouse on february 12th!
and my new project with zach wallace, SUN CIRCLE is playing at the green door with wind-up bird on february 10th!

wish i could be around for the sonic youth show, ill be on tour. ive never heard them live. and wooden wand is playing too which is an added bonus.
ive been chatting with nick over at HG, seems like he is interested in some decent stuff. we were talking about trying to get Akron/Family to town in june. thatd be a good one. i think the jamband crowd would eat them up too. they are supposed to put on a really good live show.

also possible shows with jason kahn & jon mueller, growing, and matana roberts over the next months....exciting!

shows shows shows in burlington. i love it!!!!


Greg, if you can get Akron/Family to Higher Ground I'll clean your house for a week.


it looks like its a good possibility. ill let you know.
no need for cleaning. just come to the shows and bring friends.


HG asked me what I thought about Akron/Family, and I said hell yes. So my drop is in the bucket.


woah Greg, I hope you threw it by Mandy first before you denied house cleaning for a week...

I want put together a 'walk to sonic youth' party cause when else do you get to walk to see Sonic Youth in the dead of winter? We should have a huge posse of hot cider drinking fools leaving from Burlington and arriving in time to catch Wooden Wand. Who's in? Goal is that everyone attending arrive by foot.
email me to get on the 'walk to SY' mailing list for later details.

also i was there last night to get my ticket and the lady in the box office said they are going EXTREMELY heads up. What a show! saw them this summer at Osheaga and they are currently at the top of their game...Mark Ibold in tow on this tour? I assume and hope.

gadabout (sky)

The original Wicker Man has messed me up beyond words. When I saw an updated version was coming out, it brought back all sorts of painful memories. Hope it didn't affect you as much as it did me.


Just bought my tickets for the Sonic Youth show...**giddy**

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